Zumba fitness: video lessons for weight loss

Zumba is a program popular all over the world. The exercises are designed by a fitness instructor from Colombia. It is a sport that combines fitness and dance at the same time. During exercise, the mood is lifted, extra calories are burned, there is an additional charge of energy. To date, Zumba mania has reached people of all nationalities. The highest popularity of this type of exercise is among those who dream slim.

Zumba Fitness program for weight loss

Trainings are held under Latin American music, consist of movements borrowed from hip-hop and African dance. When performing dance exercises involved all the muscles, which makes effective training for those who want to lose weight. The load is distributed evenly, so you can pull the whole body.

Zumba Fitness program for weight loss involves burning about 500 calories per workout, but it all depends on the individual characteristics of the human body.

Zumba fitness, like all kinds of sports training, it has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include the following:

  • helps to get rid of excess weight;
  • does not harm the body;
  • by attending classes, can be to purchase new friends on interests;
  • classes are held to music, so they are easier;
  • no strict requirements for the exercises, even beginners can easily start them;
  • suitable even for people advanced age;
  • availability of training for people with different levels of fitness.

The minus is attributed the following:

  • requires love to music, and also sense of rhythm, otherwise classes will be conditional hard;
  • to obtain the desired result will have to deal with regularly;
  • Zumba is not suitable for professional athletes, as such people need more intense loads to get the effect.

In any case, the use of the Zumba program is obvious. In addition to weight loss, you can get a lot of other advantages. In particular, to be liberated, to become more graceful, to improve the condition of the muscular system.

Video Zumba fitness: weight loss exercises

Doing Zumba without a coach with the help of video, you can choose the scheme of classes. However, there is one important rule: always start with a warm-up. First it is necessary to proceed to the additional steps and jumps, and then gradually move to the rotational movement. All together in the end will turn into an incendiary dance.
However, it is best, of course, to consult with the coach, at least at the initial stage. The coach will advise you which exercises will be most effective for you.

Zumba's Basic exercises are as follows:

  • dancing or marching in one place – the exercise begins with the legs and then connect the hips and arms;
  • steps in different directions – additional steps are performed to the music, first in one, then in the other direction;
  • "skating" - hands start behind the back, the pose of the skater is taken, sliding movements are performed in one place.

Videos of Zumba fitness contain weight loss exercises. They are accessible and understandable even for beginners, often accompanied by comments from the coach. But the main advantage of this video is that it helps to do fitness at home.

This video confirms that not only women are engaged in Zumba fitness. To Latin-American music with pleasure "light" and men. It is worth noting that it looks amazing.

Video tutorials Zumba fitness for weight loss at home

The Structure of Zumba fitness lessons is clear even for beginners. After a light warm-up comes the time of power loads, which are pre-selected by the instructor. In this case, push-UPS or sit-UPS during a workout. Sometimes the complex includes exercises with free weights. Not forgotten and nice for members of the dance movements which help to relax and to enjoy.

Video tutorials Zumba fitness for weight loss

Below are video lessons for weight loss Zumba at home. Some of them are in a foreign language, but it does not interfere, which is proof that words are not needed to perform the exercises.

Dumbbells can be used To increase the effectiveness of training. You don't have to expose yourself. excessive load, it is necessary to pick up the weight, which will be comfortable. The video successfully selected exercises that will be easy to do at home. One lesson will take about 40 minutes.

Below is a selection of videos with Zumba fitness exercises

Feedback from people around the world confirms the effectiveness of the Zumba program, which unites all nationalities. These exercises help to become fit and fit. beautiful, nice to spend time dancing to the catchy music.

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