Yulia Kovalchuk struck forms before participation in "Fort Boyard"

In the Summer the instagram feed is full of half-naked bodies, and the singer Yulia Kovalchuk decided to keep up: her morning picture aroused the delight of fans and the envy of haters!

The other day Julia flew to France, where the shooting of a new version of the popular adventure show "Fort Boyard"began. Before filming, the singer posted on Instagram photos in short shorts and a sports topic. Kovalchuk noted that, though she was worried before the shooting, but the charge has not been canceled.

Julia Kovalchukphoto Source: instagram.com/juliakovalchuk

Fans praised the perfect figure of the artist, and remembered her participation in the show "the Last hero", where a fragile girl beat even men in competitions. This gave reason to assume that this time Julia will be able to brilliantly pass the difficult tests.

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By the way, the singer could not always boast of perfect form. After the birth of the child Julia had to fight with extra pounds and sagging skin. To do this, she walked 10,000 steps every day, swam and did yoga. Willpower and determination insured the girl from defeat in the fight against excess weight!

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