You need to lose weight "wisely", or about diet and sports

That it would not hurt to throw a couple (or more) extra pounds, thinks almost every woman. And the first thing that comes to mind is to go on a diet. Or sign up for fitness. What is more effective?

In today's world among women of all ages it is so fashionable to be beautiful, slim and healthy! Almost every second lady dreams about the coveted parameters of the ideal figure, critically perceiving her own body – no matter how elegant it is there were always a couple of places to work on. Throw off the extra pounds – the idea of fix number one among the adherents of modern standards of beauty.

Ask any woman how to lose weight - and she immediately call the most famous and practiced methods – a strict diet and fitness. And in principle, it will be right – restrictions of fats and carbohydrates in the diet will lead to a decrease in caloric content of food and, consequently, to weight loss, and power loads in the the gym will help to burn fat. However, for some reason, not always exhausted by diet or jumping women easily come to the desired results. For example, after fasting weight may have decreased, but on the skin of a thinner body from somewhere suddenly appeared ugly stretching! It's simple – the wrong approach to the issue of getting rid of extra pounds can cause harm, and not only aesthetic, like sagging skin, but also physical – depletion of body reserves. How? lose weight "wisely"?

If problems with plus weight is manifest – it is time to act, but – it is important! – fully. Diet alone is not enough, and fitness classes without proper nutrition will be ineffective. If, for example, after childbirth appeared ugly strii on the stomach – it makes sense to add a course of good massage, which increases skin tone, and in complex cases – salon procedures.

Type of sports activities choose to your taste, but keep in mind that the most effective for the relief of extra pounds increased load – fitness, gym, cardio. Only exercises should be performed "at the limit", i.e. you need to give all the best, without slacking off, because fat burning begins when pulse from 120 beats per minute and when the muscles of the body "burn" from tension. The most difficult thing is to force yourself to start and endure the first time of muscle adaptation, then the force of habit will help to take a visit to the gym for granted, and the released endorphins – hormones of pleasure from sports – will always provide a good mood.

Diet–, too, must be rational, "without bigotry." As you know, the correct daily diet is not only will not allow to accumulate excess, but also provides rejuvenation of the body due to the purification of toxins. The basic rules of a healthy diet – a full intake of vitamins and minerals, abstinence from overeating, not abuse of "harmful" food, avoiding stress.

Take care of yourself – exercise, eat wisely, take care of health. If excess weight is caused by the disease – rather to the doctor. The main thing – the approach in the struggle for harmony should be complex, regular, may even have to change the whole way of life.

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