Yogurt diet for weight loss, reviews, menu

Yogurt dietYogurt diet will lose weight in a week by 4-5 kg. At the same time it is balanced and will not cause harm to health, and that is noted by all who sat on it, yogurt diet – very tasty.

The author of the yogurt diet is said to be German doctor Zeik, who in the 30s of the last century with the help of this diet helped to get rid of extra pounds to patients of an elite sanatorium in Switzerland. For 10 days of diet, the doctor's patients lost 5-6 kg.
The benefit of the yogurt diet is based on the use of such a undoubtedly useful product as natural yogurt.

Yogurt diet for weight loss, diet for the day

  • 500 grams natural yoghurt, this number must be divided by 4-5 meals
  • 400 grams of fresh fruit, you can make salads and fill them with yogurt. It should be borne in mind that you can not eat sweet fruits such as grapes, pears, melons, watermelon. The best option for a diet are considered apples and citrus.
  • At lunch (or, if you feel more comfortable, on dinner) eat in addition to yogurt 100 grams lean meat and salad from cucumbers, tomatoes and fresh greenery.
  • Drink: green or black tea, drinking and mineral water. The total volume of liquid drunk per day – not less than 1.5 l.
  • in addition, between meals you can drink fresh juices, pomegranate, grapefruit, unclarified Apple, orange are preferred. Juices are recommended to dilute with cool boiled water in a ratio of 1:2.

Although fruit juices, especially fresh juices, are very useful, as they Supplement the limited diet with vitamins, it is not necessary to drink them very much. Juices are high in calories.

You Can buy and natural juices in the store, make sure that the composition was not preservatives and dyes'.

Pomegranate juice is Especially recommended, diluting it with water beforehand, you should drink a little after each meal.

Example menu yogurt diet for the day:


• half a Cup of warm unsweetened tea (warm tea is recommended to drink before each meal),
• yogurt with berries or pieces of fruit (dried fruit),
• half a glass of diluted pomegranate juice's.


• warm tea,
• soup of yogurt, cucumbers and chopped greens, olive oil,
• boiled meat (100 grams), salad of greens, cucumbers and tomatoes, seasoned with lemon juice,
• half a Cup of diluted pomegranate juice.

Afternoon Snack:

• yogurt with fruits or yogurt with vegetables (add mustard, chopped vegetables to yogurt),
• mineral water.

Dinner (not later than 3.5-4 hours before bedtime):

• warm tea,
• yogurt with stewed vegetables,
• diluted pomegranate juice.

You can Stick to the diet for up to 2 weeks, then be sure to take a break for at least 2-3 months.

Contraindicated yoghurt diet those who have food Allergy, which are the basis of food here (yogurt and citrus.) Not recommended diet for those who are prone to gastrointestinal disorders.

Diets whose menu includes yoghurt

Diet Joan Lunden

Famous American actress Joan Lunden developed a three-day diet, one of the mandatory components of which is yogurt. And also fruits, especially those that effective for fat burning: apples, kiwi, citrus.

Diet Menu, day one:

Breakfast: half of melon, half a Cup of yogurt.
Lunch: fruit salad: kiwi, orange and strawberry flavored with yogurt.
Dinner: half of grapefruit, 170 grams of lean chicken; salad of fresh vegetables, dressed with lemon juice.
Dessert: two plums.

Day two:

Breakfast: a Cup of berries mixed with a quarter Cup of cereal.
Lunch: a few slices of pineapple.
Dinner: orange; 170 grams of boiled Turkey breast with lettuce leaves.
Dessert: two nectarines.

Day three:

Breakfast: a few slices of watermelon; a Cup of diet vanilla yogurt.
Lunch: mashed banana pulp and a Cup of strawberries, seasoned with juice from one Apple.
Dinner: 170 grams of flounder soaked in lemon juice; a Cup of Brussels sprouts.
Dessert: a Cup of fruit yogurt.

Besides yoghurt included in the diet Catherine Rednikova – famous Russian actress. The diet is very simple and consists of three fasting days, each of which you can eat only one product.

Day 1: kefir.
Second day: natural yogurt.
Day 3: watermelons.

On such diet actress dumping on 3 kg.

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