Yoga in the big city

Yoga in a big city is a must. Our direction of yoga we call Ananda yoga. Translated from Sanskrit is "yoga of good mood". In General, our classes help to establish a healthy lifestyle.

Modern citizen lives in an atmosphere of constant mental stress.

Financial difficulties, noise and hard work, conflicts, minor domestic and industrial troubles, quarrels with relatives, communication with unpleasant people – here the usual buke large cities.

We do not want to put up with such everyday life and constantly set goals to change something. But there are obstacles to these goals that we cannot overcome. Following this feeling of despair. We begin to blame ourselves for the fact that something has not been achieved, not implemented, missed.

One word a resident of the city lives with a constant feeling of pressure.

And that we get...

We get headache, fatigue, depressed state and loss of faith that in the future, something will change for the better.

Sometimes the opposite occurs the excited state, the desire to take undue risk. But it only makes things worse.

Also, we are lifestyle sedentary

For many of us sedentary work is a reality, and it's been going on for hours. But we prefer to lead a sedentary lifestyle also in their free time.

This leads to such unpleasant consequences as obesity, curvature of the spine, weak lymph flow, stagnation in the intestine and many other health problems.

Us yoga simply is necessary

Yoga Practice improves the state of body, mind and spirit.


Yoga improves body flexibility, smooth and cohesive movements, posture and coordination, blood circulation and digestion.

It strengthens, nourishes and tones muscles, joints, bones, internal tissues and organs.

Yoga improves all physiological processes of the body, good for the nervous and endocrine systems.

Strengthens the protective functions of the body, helps to get rid of many diseases. Stop chronic pain, panic and anxiety, intestinal and gastric disorders, sleep disorders, high blood pressure, depression, headaches, fatigue, etc.

In Addition, your body becomes more healthy, energetic, balanced, graceful, and the body is more resistant to diseases and stressful situations.


The main thing that thoughts were in order. A lot of attention is paid to the healthy state of mind in yoga. If yoga is practiced seriously and regularly, then there will be more peace and tranquility in the mind. In thinking there is clarity and clarity. Resistance to stress is developed situations. It is also very important that yoga increases self-esteem and gives more life enthusiasm.


Our yoga direction we call Ananda yoga. Translated from Sanskrit is "yoga of good mood". In General, our classes help to establish a healthy lifestyle.

We, like many others working in the areas of yoga, doing physical exercises yogi, pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation and other practices. An important difference of our style from other similar in the fact that we are on yoga classes much attention is paid to the formation of the desired state of consciousness (mood) in the process of any practice.

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