Wrinkle massage

Wrinkle massage

Anti-wrinkle facial Massage is a cheap and, most importantly, very effective method of fighting aging. A woman for its implementation will require only the usual means of skin care, as well as a small amount of time, which, however, she will need to allocate daily.

What gives a face massage?

It is very simple to Explain the anti-aging effect of the described procedure. Thanks to the massage, the blood begins to circulate faster through the subcutaneous capillaries, which leads to a more intense metabolism and twice the production of collagen, which strengthens the skin. Behind score this:

  • swelling disappears;
  • the skin is toned, acquiring a natural color;
  • better fit the contours of the face;
  • redness and acne disappear without a trace;
  • due to the strengthening of muscle tissue, the sagging of the skin is lost.

Wrinkle massage

It is Worth noting that properly performed massage significantly relaxes the facial muscles of the person that leads to the removal of stress from them. Where the face is relaxed, there and wrinkles appear reluctant. That is, facial massage against wrinkles is not only an effective method of dealing with them, but also a good preventive technique to prevent their premature appearance.

Face Massage: pros and cons

Weigh the pros and cons of the procedure described is very simple. After all, what does a woman lose by conducting such a massage? Only time as it is necessary to be engaged in this equipment daily. This is the only significant drawback of this method. Let the whole process, including preparatory operations, is unlikely to take you more than 30-45 minutes, but they also need to somehow allocate in your schedule.

As for the advantages, this method:

  • cheap;
  • extremely useful;
  • simple and pleasant.

Anti-wrinkle facial Massage is, roughly speaking, the most budget option rejuvenation, which is able to bring no less tangible results than any injection or the use of some modern technology to achieve the desired result.

How to do massage for wrinkles?

To achieve the result of regular massaging, it must be carried out correctly. At first, this process may seem complicated. However, anti-wrinkle massage video can significantly clarify the situation.

The Secret is that the massage therapists on the human body conditionally held a kind of massage lines, using which you can achieve the desired result. However, the importance should be given to the preparatory processes described procedures.

Wrinkle massage

Half an hour before the massage is to make hot compress herbs to the muscles of the face finally warmed up.

It's better to keep Hair under a hat or scarf to prevent them from falling under the fingers during massaging.

Hands before the procedure, of course, must be clean and well groomed so as not to contaminate it.

Before the massage on the face should be applied some special tool to the surface of the skin was easier to slide with your hands. Suitable for this cream or oil.

In the technique of facial massage against wrinkles, the video of which is given in this article, it is very important to make movements on the already mentioned massage lines, because it is on them that the lymph moves. The place of their location is worth learning in advance, so as not to lead their actions to a negative effect.

Facial Massage: contraindications

Contraindications in described procedures a bit. They are:

Wrinkle massage

  • the presence of herpes, large warts or moles on the skin;
  • hemophilia;
  • open wounds and injuries;
  • inflammatory processes of any kind;
  • acute conditions of the body;
  • active rosacea;
  • a sharp decrease in intracranial pressure;
  • the recent convening of a chemical peel and microdermabrasion;
  • individual intolerance to this method.
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