Wraps and running

Today wraps and running has become one of the popular ways to fight cellulite. Practice has shown that wound on the problem areas of the food film when running can effectively deal with fat deposits under the skin. Wrapping with cling film when running increases blood flow and promotes better metabolism. As a result, the fat deposits dissolve, and the skin becomes smoother and elastic.

As helps food film under running performance

Wrapping of problem areas on the body with cling film

Food film when running will help anti-cellulite agent it is better to absorb and more effectively affect the places where the "orange peel"is visible. The quick result in this case is obtained due to the loss of moisture. Wrap the film when running allows you to create a greenhouse effect. Therefore, this technique will be useful only in the presence of edematous cellulite. To eliminate it is best suited wrap when running. It is recommended to apply the warming cream to the places affected by edematous cellulite, wrap them with cling film, and then put on warm leggings or sweatpants.

This method of dealing with cellulite is suitable in cases where fat deposits and swelling are observed in some places. If in General a small weight on the hips, stomach and legs there is excessive fullness, and the skin looks flabby and saggy, then that will effectively assist food wrap while running, which you just need to wrap the front of the sports problem areas. The effect will be more noticeable if it is applied to the place of winding special heating masks.

Special running masks can be purchased at a pharmacy or specialty store, where they are presented in large quantities. This method allows for one training to significantly reduce the volume of deposits in problem areas.

When training, you must not limit yourself in water. You can only drink clean non-carbonated water. It should also be remembered that a simple wrapping with cling film will not be enough. This will only to dehydration, which is very dangerous and does not give the desired results. Therefore, the wrap when running should be combined with healing masks that will effectively affect the skin and subcutaneous soft tissues, improving their blood supply.

Also it is necessary to choose a suitable diet that will limit the consumption of fats, sugar and salt in the body, and therefore will not form new fat deposits and puffiness in problem areas.

Wraps and running

Who needs useful classes sports in the film

Wraps food wrap when running is useful for those who want to reduce the volume of certain areas of the body. This method of weight loss is also suitable for those who need to remove the extra 5-10 kg, that separate you from your ideal body weight.

This method of weight loss will allow to make the correction of the figure without unnecessary financial costs. It should not be forgotten that using the wrap when Jogging, you should strictly observe the diet and the regularity of exercise. Carrying out this procedure three times a week, you can lose at least 2 kg during the training period.

What gives the body wrap for weight loss when running

Wrap film when running will help to quickly return slender puffy and a bit bloated figure. If you follow the recommendations of doctors and do not dehydrate the body, you can not only visually improve your appearance, but also improve overall health. The body during the wrap when running is cleared of toxins that come out with sweat, blood supply to all parts of the body becomes more intense, which improves overall health and increases endurance.

Training should start with easy warm-up, which will help warm up the body. After that, you need to use a variety of exercises, including strength, which will help to create an increased load on the problem areas of the body. Slow Jogging should be alternated

  • with running on acceleration,
  • with sports walking,
  • with Jogging,
  • short and long step.

Only in this case it will be possible to achieve desired result.

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