Wine diet for weight loss, reviews

Warning: If you are under 21 years of age, and if you abuse or have ever abused alcohol, or if you do not drink alcohol at all, the wine diet is not for you.

Diet is suitable for those who indulge in the evening in a glass of good wine. But, if it acts on your appetite excitingly, perhaps, this diet also not for you.

You will need a bottle of good wine, preferably dry wine. Results numerous studies speak of the use of red wine for the heart and blood vessels due to its ability to break down fats, some studies confirm that white dry wine has similar properties, so choose to taste.

The Diet is designed for 5 days, during which you have to eat exactly the same, by the hour:

  • First meal – egg, tomato.
  • Through two hours – Apple.
  • Still through two hours – 200 grams cottage cheese, cucumber.
  • three hours later, 150 ml of wine.

For 5 days on diet can be get rid of four – five an extra $ kilograms.
Salt and sugar are forbidden. To drink except of wine water, and in the cold season is better – warm.
Together with wine, if you really want to eat something, you can afford a very small piece of cheese.

Since the diet is calculated by the hour, it is better to calculate in advance when you have Breakfast. If you, for example, have Breakfast at 9 am, dinner will be at 16 hours, and for this diet is not the best option.

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