Why you should drink water during training: reasons, rules

Drinking during training causes heated debate. Some say that in the process of physical activity it is impossible to consume liquid, while others believe that water is a faithful assistant to the athlete. So whether or not to drink water during exercise?

Why is it worth drinking water

Body temperature rises During intensive training. To reduce it, the body begins to sweat. Thus the temperature balance of the body is normalized, but the amount of water in the body is sharply reduced. Because of this, the blood begins to thicken, and the heart becomes difficult to pass it through itself and distribute it throughout the body. It turns out that due to dehydration, the heart receives a double load.

Drink or not drink water during exercisephoto Source: pixabay.com

In Addition, the lack of water in the body slows down the process of lipolysis (fat splitting). After all, for the splitting of one fat molecules 4 water molecules are required. Therefore, it is necessary to drink water during training. 

How to drink water during training

1️ drink Water in small SIPS - this promotes better absorption. 

2️⃣ Drink water quite often. Optimal frequency – every 10-20 minutes depending on the intensity of training. 

3️⃣ Drink cold water in any case can not, because you can catch cold very easily. But hot water will not do any good, as it irritates the mucous membrane of the stomach. The best option for drinking - water at room temperature.

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4️ if You are tired of the taste of pure water, you can add lemon juice, mint leaves, cinnamon or berries. Also you can drink coconut water, weak green tea or special isotonic drinks containing salts and vitamins. 

5️ in just an hour and a half training session, you can drink up to a liter of liquid in hot weather, and up to 600 ml - in the cold season. 

It is necessary to Drink water not only during training. A couple of hours before it is recommended to drink 400 ml of liquid.

As you can see, drinking water during exercise is not only possible, but also necessary. However, it is important to observe the measure: an overabundance of water is as harmful as the lack. It can cause kidney problems, swelling, nausea, cramps and other unpleasant consequences.

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