Why women like men's fullness

Lately, the Internet is much discussion of the unusual phenomenon of a dad bod (inherited from dad body, which means "the body of Pope"). Fat men turned out to be unexpectedly attractive to women, so now one after the other there are instructions that help to gain weight to match the trend.

Let us see, why women likes a man's completeness?

Why stout men were stronger than attract women

Among girls there is a perception that sports partner commits to comply with it and perfecting the shape by exercise and restricting your food. This task may seem difficult, because not everyone ready to rebuild the usual way of life. And to look somehow against the background of a guy with the body of a Greek God, many ladies are uncomfortable, so they give an advantage to fat men.

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In Addition, on a subconscious level, we have a desire from childhood to bury ourselves in something soft. Warm and soft gives us a sense of security and peace. Not without reason in one of experiments psychologist Harry Harlow little monkeys chose not "wire mother", combined with the feeder, and soft, which in fact did not give anything.

THE ABC RECOMMENDS What attracts men fat women

Despite the above, the idea of comparing athletes and fat people does not seem quite correct. After all, when choosing a partner is much more important to pay attention to human qualities!

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