Why the diet does not work: 7 reasons that we do not guess

Today in the world there is a cult of harmony and proper nutrition. Therefore, more and more women are trying different diets. However, sometimes it happens that dietary restrictions do not bring the desired result.

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It Turns out there are 7 main reasons, because of which the diet does not work!

1. A sharp decrease in caloric intake

In response to the dramatic restriction of energy intake in human organism genetically designed to trigger reactions that convert it into "power saving mode". In the end, instead of having to break down fats, he began to collect them.

2. Lack of sleep

It Seems that sleep and diet are unrelated. However, from the schedule sleep depends on the quality and speed of absorption of food. After all, the body needs time not only to digest food, but also to "place in place" all the elements obtained from it. Therefore, without proper sleep, even the healthiest diet will not benefit.

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3. Psychological problems

When a person begins to follow each eaten a slice and constantly malnourished, it becomes more irritable and angry. As a result, the body increases the level of stress hormone cortisol, which increases deposition of fat in the abdomen.

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4. Absence training

The reason Specialists recommend to combine diet with exercise. First, thanks to sports loads, metabolism is accelerated. Secondly, training helps to prevent sagging of the skin, which is often observed during weight loss.

5. "Bust" with useful food

Knowing about the benefits any product (for example, grapes), many are beginning there is his in unlimited quantities, and after all have him, too, there is its grains caloric content. Abuse of useful food can neutralize the effect of any diet.

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6. The problem with hormones

Hormonal disorders are a common reason that the diet does not work, even if the person does everything correctly. In this case, there is only one way out: to normalize the hormonal background. To do this, you need to see a doctor to find out what hormones in the body are not enough, and what - an overabundance.

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7. Genetics

The Specified body weight can be programmed at the genetic level. The well-known phrase about "broad bone" often has real grounds. In this case it is better to direct the efforts not on a diet and reduction of figure on scales, and on sports trainings that the impressive weight belonged not to fat, and muscles.

Note! Muscles weigh more than fat but have less volume. Therefore, when gaining muscle mass and simultaneous fat burning, the weight can grow, and the volume at this decrease.

Now you know the reasons why diets don't work and you can find the right way to slimness!

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