Why do you want sweet, how to overcome the constant craving for sweet weight loss

Why do you want sweetWhy you pulling for dessert? Most nutritionists will say, "a carbohydrate-unbalanced diet, too few calories, and too much sugar in regular foods." American expert, MD Kessler writes that even modern oatmeal is not the same as 20 years ago – sugar is literally in all food quick cooking. In changing of the diet rooted desires that overwhelm almost every man's. And still we want sweet, so as experiencing lack of positive of emotions. But this is only in General terms. The reasons for each individual are unique and deserve a special approach. So, why constantly want sweet and that to do, to reduce this traction?

Why pulling on sweet, if I want to lose weight

Desire to lose weight – not such a great and rare in our time. Most people do not choose intensive and regular training, and a strict diet. Indeed, to have a little a lot of time is not necessary, and the money is saved. In the desire to be thin, many girls reach this hunger strike – refusing Breakfast, lunch, symbolic and dietary dinner.

    According to researchers at Columbia University, the average follower of a strict diet hardly "eats" 1000 kcal.

This is negligible for the normal functioning of the nervous system. So the brain sends a "eat something"signal. Why are we on a diet I want sweets and not, for example, a bowl of oatmeal or a serving of chicken breast? Just works on the Central nervous system glucose, and extract it from sweets is much easier than from healthy foods rich in protein or complex carbohydrates. And the body loves simple solutions.

What to do if you want sweets every day: if you are sure that you can not eat more and lose weight or stay in shape, you will have to seriously reconsider the diet.

  • be Sure to include complex carbohydrates – buckwheat, oatmeal and brown rice will help your body to always have some in stock of glucose for the Central nervous system.
  • Eat regularly, at the same time, so the body will learn to live on what you give it faster.
  • The 10% rule will also help you . Calculate ten percent of its daily calorie and eat this amount of calories your favorite sweets or whatever your heart desires.

Why very want sweet, if I regularly train?

Especially on the subject suffer athletes cyclic sports or lovers of group fitness training. Muscles during intensive work of this type eat mainly glucose. It is easiest to get by splitting carbohydrates. If 3 hours before a workout your diet is not "flashed" mess or some other source of complex carbs, expect strong cravings for sweets after class. During operation, the muscles will exhaust the resource of glucose, and will require even more of it to recover.

Exactly therefore, in the power athlete training or simply a lover should be porridge, black bread, bran and vegetables. Not forbidden and the use of fruit, especially rich in fiber and pectin.

    On average, we need 3-4 g of carbohydrates per 1 kg of body weight to maintain normal muscle function.

That's why long protein diets are not suitable for dancers, runners, skiers and Amateurs aerobics.

What to do: if sweet really wanted after a workout, you can safely use "carbohydrate window" (20 minutes after the end of the movement) and eat 1-2 very sweet fruit. If the craving for sweets overtook you after a few hours, eat...porridge with fruit or even allow yourself a small piece of grain bread.

Why you always want sweet, if I don't lose and don't play sports

Oftentimes The desire to consume more simple carbohydrates associated with increased activity of the nervous system. It is not necessary to solve complex mathematical problems or prepare for the session. The brain and nerves require increased nutrition simply if we are under stress for a long time.

    Quarrels with loved ones, problems at work, depression, a sense of "hopelessness" of life – all these are direct ways to sweet consolation.

The Big problem is that nobody teaches us it is correct to relax and really solve the emotional problems, and here councils from a series "eat chocolate, you will feel better" – a dime a dozen. Emotional problems, as well as any other, needs to be solved, not to accumulate.

  • If you are angry with something, but you do not have the opportunity to get rid of the irritant factor, helps heavy physical activity.
  • At the old "sluggish" conflict – on the contrary, relaxing procedures.

In any case, constantly there is chocolate bars – this not the exit.

How to overcome the craving for sweets: honestly admit to myself that you are so angry. Maybe it's an unloved job or not too smart and sensitive boss? Or are you used to pretending that your husband is perfect, but feel lack of attention and lack of intimacy in the family? To begin with, define your emotions precisely, write them down on paper, and think about how you can throw them out without getting carried away with overeating, and without doing something destructive.
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Why you want sweet after a meal?
If you constantly want sweet even after a hearty lunch, there are two options:

  • either you don't eat enough carbohydrates for your weight and type of physical activity, and the body tries to compensate for glucose deficiency in this way,
  • or you just got used to the desserts, and eat them purely by inertia.

To overcome cravings to sweet learn to eat balanced in the first case, and simply abandon harmful habits in the second.

Why during monthly want sweet?
Actually, even scientists do not give an answer to this question. Some researchers argue that the body reacts to the loss of a large amount of iron with blood. There is also a behavioral hypothesis – we are trying to remove some discomfort by eating food, which we associate with something pleasant.

How to reduce craving for sweet during menstruation? Eat varied and balanced, and allow yourself more rest in these days.

Why want sweet before monthly?
Scientists have noticed one pattern – food "traction" occur more often in those who are a lot nervous and unbalanced eats. So sometimes "break" your low-calorie diet with useful products, and kilograms of sweets will remain safe.

always want sweets in the winter?
Usually this is of concern to those seeking to lose weight. People are too keen on cutting calories, and craving for sweet body responds to the desire to eat as little as possible. Try not to cut the diet by more than 500-600 kcal even on fasting days, and the problem will be solved.

I Want sweets in the evening?
Craving for sweets in the evenings can be associated with psychological fatigue from daily duties, and with an unbalanced diet. Listen to yourself – maybe you're just malnourished carbohydrates or too much work. Try to eliminate this cause.

Be attentive to yourself, and, you will see, the craving for sweets will recede.

Fitness trainer Elena Selivanova – for http://www.AzbukaDiet.ru/

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