Why do extra pounds come back | For weight loss and health

Why most of those who lost weight on a "hungry" diet with a strict calorie restriction, and then returned to their usual diet quickly restore dodietny weight, and then acquire additional excess weight?

At the genetic level, our body has a survival instinct, which is activated by a sharp restriction of food, for example, in compliance with a low-calorie diet.

Body to save us from starvation, adjusts the exchange processes to the economy mode. After the end of the diet, when caloric intake increases, the body begins to accumulate fat "for a rainy day." And actively interfere with getting rid of stocks, and suddenly hunger again.

For this reason, to unfortunately, after the end of the diet, the amount of excess weight may increase. In addition, if you constantly alternate between strict diets and the usual diet, with each new diet, excess weight will go slower.

Although it is also important the mental attitude, because people who are "right hungry," weight then not gaining.
And yet, it matters what foods make up this minimum of calories, if the body gets the necessary nutrients, then it does not he'll feel so left out.

But the preferred diet to be adhered to constantly (that is to change the lifestyle that is the cause of excess weight, on a lifestyle that will help you lose weight), examples:

Either diets that do not limit the amount of food eaten by limiting the diet to certain products, this for example,

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