Why can't I lose weight | Lose weight and health

It Often happens that the chosen diet or nutrition system, which has brought some results, suddenly "stops working", despite Your Herculean efforts to comply with it. The scales stubbornly refuse to show weight loss. What is it – a temporary suspension in weight loss or its final termination? Read these guidelines. Your tactics may need to be adjusted. So, why doesn't it work lose weight?


After spending a whole a week on apples, bananas, juice or rice to weight it is possible to reset only to a certain level. The same pattern and with the exception of certain products (e.g., flour or sweets).

Tip: choose a different diet or start fully and rationally eat, watching calorie foods.

Weight loss and critical days

Critical for women days and a period in front of them are often characterized by a delay in the body fluid (puffiness.) This should not be very disturbing, but the increase of a couple of pounds of weight is inevitable, regardless of diet.

Tip: you should just wait it out. After the termination of menstruation, you can drink diuretic tea, but a couple of days, no more.

Return effect

This effect is called "yo-yo", by analogy with a children's toy. After intensive fasting, when returning to the usual diet, the weight returns too quickly, sometimes even with a "smack".

Advice: not worth hope on starvation or same "lightning" diets. Only comprehensive long-term weight management programmes have a sustainable and reliable effect.

Lose weight on a separate feed

Separate food will help normalize digestion and improve your health. But it will lead to weight loss only in strict compliance with the caloric intake.

Tip: keep track of energy consumption and calorie content of food.

Salt exclusion

Weight Loss in salt-free diets is due to the removal of fluid from the tissues. But this weight loss is limited by the amount of moisture. Of course, weight loss will stop soon enough.

Tip: at the ICP and the critical days, when edema is to reduce salt intake, to abandon smoked products.

The weight has reached its real value

Whennormal body weight weight loss stops. Further weight loss can be attributed to pathologies. Moreover, it is necessary to overcome the active resistance of the body, which will begin to defend, making stocks.

Tip: don't try to reach the unreal. Take into account the natural and constitutional features of the body, heredity.

Active muscle pumping

Muscle tissue Density is four times greater than fat. The figure can become much tighter and more attractive, but the weight will be unchanged. Moreover, if before the start of classes a significant excess fat was not observed. Low-calorie nutrition is the best panacea for weight gain.

Tip: you should look at the volumes, not just weigh. Will help also a special weighing, able to control fat levels. If you change the ratio in favor of the first all right. But it is worth considering how much volume and relief muscles you are interested in.

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