Which mattress is better - spring or springless: a review of the best models

What provides quality and deep sleep? Not only a comfortable bed or a comfortably furnished bedroom. The element that is responsible for comfort and safety for health is a quality mattress.

It can be spring-loaded or spring-free. Most often, this criterion is the main when choosing an accessory. Especially if we are talking about the arrangement of a bed for a child, an elderly person or a bedridden patient. But not this question is less important for all adults. So, which option to choose? Which is better?



The spring model of medium stiffness gets To the rating of 2019 of the best mattresses. A. Larda - design dependent Assembly of elements which provide the optimal effect of elasticity. As the insulation layer is used non-woven fabric spunbond.



Another version of the budget cost - BALANCE extra from the eminent manufacturer ASCON. The model with dependent spring block is reinforced with several layers of orthopedic foam. It is a polyurethane foam located between the springs. 

The Perimeter of the mattress is equipped with a special dense box, which ensures dimensional stability products and prevents falling. Surface - quilted jacquard with a layer of polyester padding. Such coverage is considered better than pure knit, felt or sisal, as well as filling, if we take for comparison a foam specimen.



There are other types of mattresses. Widely distributed version with a block of independent springs. The proposed version was created by a company from Russia. Used technology multipocket that provides high anatomical and orthopedic characteristics of the product. 

How Many springs should there be in the product? On 1 sq. m. there are 550 springs, so that the surface is able to perfectly repeat the contours of the body. This allows you to maintain a good spine during sleep and relieve tension from the back. A layer of coconut coir is used as a filler. The frame is reinforced with a polyurethane foam element.



The top 9 of the highest quality mattresses includes the TREND ROLL product from the Russian manufacturer Ascona. Among the best low-cost options, this is attractive not only for its price (about 4500 rubles), but also for its characteristics. Springless mattress with a filler of highly elastic foam with orthopedic properties is equipped with a cover made of special cotton (jacquard) on the padding polyester. This is better than the cotton version or foam. Right person different ages, including teenagers.

TREND ROLL can be chosen for double bed or sofa. But the load of more than 110 kg is not recommended. This solution is even better sliding models from IKEA.



In the category of springless mattresses, the Flex Standard product from Rebar deserves close attention. Monolithic filling - artificial latex, which is made by technology orto-foam. The product is attractive in that:

  • gives excellent support to the spine;
  • allows the body to relax completely;
  • relieves stiffness in muscles.

The Protective box is durable with a high degree of reliability, not afraid of loads. High stiffness makes this mattress a good option for the prevention of diseases associated with the musculoskeletal system. This latex mattress without springs can be bought for scoliosis and hernias. You can sleep on it and with osteochondrosis.

Red Castle Cocoonababy

Red Castle Cocoonababy

According to experts, the best mattress, which only can be devise for newborns, - ergonomic model-cocoon. The product is suitable for sleeping and waking. Suitable for preterm and born at term children up to 3 years.

The Special design helps the child to calm down due to the possibility of taking an intrauterine pose and adapt more quickly to the conditions of the surrounding world.



From inexpensive, but quality of children's decisions makes this the Belarusian variant. Plitex Junior Suite are invited to take in the crib for newborns and children up to 3 years. Double-sided mattress without springs with perfect anatomical properties provides high-quality sleep of children and bone safety. This is not a soft option. Optimal stiffness version provides coir. Case - teak, quilted of jolkona.



For children from 1 year to 5, 6, 7 years old a great solution – Raiton BABY SWEET. The filler of the springless model is a unique raitex material created on the basis of only safe elements. Foam composition includes natural latex. 

Why is this option suitable for cots? Because the filler provides optimal support to the bones and spine. Over time, it does not fail and does not deforms.



In the category of anti-bedsore mattresses, which are divided into cellular and tubular, the true leader is BRONIGEN BAS-3000 N from the German manufacturer. These products are considered the most suitable for patients. 

Antiproteinases static option has many advantages:

  • availability of ventilation system;
  • ability to prevent the development of pressure ulcers;
  • the silent and reliable compressor providing restoration of the immobilized person;
  • camera with the air, performing a gentle massage.

This cellular option costs a little more than 10 000 rubles.

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As you can see, the rating does not include air mattresses for swimming, where the obvious leaders are the products intex (Intex) and bestway (Bestway), as this is a very large group, as well as not too common one-and-a-half solutions. 

What better option - spring with polyurethane filler or springless - everyone chooses himself. But what is bad and what is preferable when choosing a mattress, you can learn from the video:

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