Which body massager is the best: a brief overview of 6 good models

The First step to a healthy lifestyle and improve the quality of the body - massage. Of course, not everyone can afford to visit a specialist. But today you can buy a quality home massager, which has an affordable cost and high efficiency. 

You can find version of full body, foot (feet), neck, abdomen, flanks, face, hands. Many are attracted to versions with anti-cellulite or vacuum action. Below is presented rating of the 6 best massagers.

CS Medica VibraPulsar CS-v1

Among beauticians good reputation earned massager Medica VibraPulsar CS CS-v1 with an electric drive. The main advantage of the device is its lightness and compactness. The apparatus for working out the body has a long handle. Thanks to it and several automatic programs, you can easily massage the body for 10-15 minutes. 

The Attractiveness of the device is that it can be used to stretch the back of the hips, waist, neck, shoulder blades and other hard-to-reach areas of the body. The set of the device includes nozzles focused on anti-cellulite massage, relaxation, study of sensitive areas and spot work.


Positive feedback received and massager BRADEX KZ 0060, which is designed to eliminate cellulite. But the effectiveness of the model can be estimated only if the use of anti-cellulite agents, normalization of nutrition and increase physical activity. You can also use the device to eliminate stretch marks or the first signs of "orange peel".


If it is difficult to decide which anti-cellulite machine to choose, you should pay attention to the model of VACU EXPERT GESATONE. The vacuum version works effectively. With regular use, taking into account all the recommendations of the European manufacturer, there is a positive effect after 3-4 applications.

Among other advantages of the device it is worth noting painlessness and safety. The version is smoothly adjustable in operation and can be used individually for the study of each individual zone.


In the ranking of 2019, a special place is occupied by a model that is suitable for study:

  • backs;
  • shoulders;
  • neck.

The Device perfectly copes with the task and warms up the muscles thanks to IR emitters. Also BEURER MG100 due to additional nozzles produces patting action. The model allows you to adjust the nature of the impact and intensity works.


Ultrasonic device US MEDICA VELVET SKIN STANDS out From the category of the most effective cosmetic options. According to experts, this device is perfect for face care, including in the eye area. The manual device allows creams, medical ointments and various means for skin care to be absorbed effectively. 

The Massager works by creating vibrations at a frequency of 5 MHz. Thanks to them the subcutaneous cover is systematically compressed and relaxes, thereby normalizing blood circulation and all the compositions penetrate deep into the tissues. This version is not inferior to professional radio frequency models.


The top 6 best body massagers include the Le ER KANG version (LEK-618N) with 12 rollers assembled into separate heads. The presented model is a massage pillow. It is intended for massaging the feet. But also the device can be used for elaboration:

  • backs;
  • hips;
  • waist;
  • other parts of the body.

The Presented solution can work with heating, which helps to use it for pain, anemia and flat feet. The rotation speed of the rollers, their direction and the heating temperature can be adjusted. How to do this? Simply adjust the operation on the instrument panel or use the remote control. Where buy a massager? This option is easy to order on Aliexpress, and the price of the device is very democratic.

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You can get Acquainted with the principle of one of the popular massagers through the video:

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