What's in the bag?

Called this dish so because you can put almost anything inside. Once again seeing the chicken on the dining table. the husband asked, " What's in the bag today? ". So and have become to call.
In fact – it's just stuffed chicken. So the filling went a little more, you have to remove the bones. Take out all the bones, except that the wings and drumsticks. This is done very simply, most importantly, be resolved first time ( on the Internet a lot of videos and pictures of this process's.)

So, the chicken is freed from the skeleton. Salt and pepper on all sides. Now slightly suture the incision on the back (it's easier to stuff).
In the photo, a chicken with a vegetable filling (boiled green beans, thinly cut lemon, garlic with whole cloves, coarsely cut onions ). Filling as filling the bag of chicken periodically pour salt or seasonings (to taste).

Chicken stuffed with plump and sew up (sewed up longer than bones pulled out).
Top can be sprinkled with seasonings, put thin slices of lemon or tomato.
Tightly wrapped in foil, put on a sheet and send in a preheated oven for 40-60 minutes (depending on the size of the carcass).

Take out, unfold, put back, bake until browned.
Spread on a dish and beautifully decorated.
Filling can be very diverse. If on the basis of forcemeat (for example, chicken ), then cold chicken can be cut as a roll.
Very tasty with fried mushrooms, celery stalks and minced chicken.

Author: Julia 44

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