What you can eat with diarrhea

What you can eat with diarrheaDiarrhoea, from a medical point of view, is a frequent liquid stool caused by an intestinal disorder. Diarrhea is certainly not the most pleasant thing that can happen to a person, but, of course, no one is immune from this. And if you have diarrhea, then you have to do something with it.

What caused the diarrhea?

The Causes of this disorder can be very diverse: both psychological or stressful and severe chronic. Depending on these reasons, the disease is accompanied by some of its symptoms, which the patient must necessarily tell your doctor that he put the right diagnosis.

Diet with diarrhea

Nutrition during diarrhea should be constructed in such a way as to put as little stress on the intestine and stomach as possible. Some experts advise to refrain from eating at all, but drink at least 1.5 liters of sweet tea (Apple juice, tea from raspberry leaf) per day. If the very idea of a daily hunger strike terrifies you, then you should pay attention to the following products:

  • Boiled rice. Rice in case of diarrhea is a best dish that can be. It has almost no fiber, and in normal life, this product is able to provoke constipation at all. Right now, that's exactly what we need. However, the rice should eat a little: no more than half cups every 1-2 hours.
  • Not less useful under diarrhea and banana. This fruit is very rich in potassium and is considered an ideal food for any stomach disorders. As noted by most experts, taking bananas with diarrhea from the disease and can be cured at all, without using any more medicines. To do this, you should only eat 1-2 fruits every 3-4 hours.

What you can eat with diarrhea
These two products are the basis of nutrition in diarrhea. In addition to them, doctors advise not to neglect also breadcrumbs from white bread, blueberry jelly and whey.

What can I eat with diarrhea?

The Above products are not to everyone's taste. However, bananas should not be neglected! As for what you can eat with diarrhea, here to the list listed earlier you need to add:

  1. low-Fat steamed fish.
  2. Boiled produce.
  3. Any cereal (a must!), except pearl. Better to cook them in the water and add 1/3 of the milk.
  4. Eggs, but only soft-boiled. Also suitable omelet of two eggs.
  5. Lean meat or poultry. Preferably boiled.
  6. Dairy products other than whole milk, heavy cream and carbonated beverages based on whey from milk. They absolutely need to be excluded from the diet!
  7. Soups on the basis of lean meat. Can be with adding last.
  8. Fruits and berries (in the form of compotes, mousse, jelly or jelly).

What you can eat with diarrhea

Diet with diarrhea. What not to eat when you have diarrhea.

So, we have listed, that there is under diarrhea. Now we will consider that during the disorder of the intestine, on the contrary, it is not recommended to use it categorically. These products include:

  1. Fatty, smoked, canned meat and fish.
  2. Cool and fried eggs. Especially if they cause you flatulence.
  3. White cabbage, cucumbers, radish, beet (also not particularly rejoice organism rutabaga and turnip).
  4. canned Vegetables. Butter and black bread.
  5. Cakes.
  6. Cold and carbonated drinks.
  7. Raw and sour fruits (currant, lemon, gooseberry, etc.)
  8. Whole milk, fatty cream.
  9. Canned.
  10. Rich broths.
  11. Meat by-products.
  12. Pickled and fried fish.

What you can eat with diarrhea
The question "What is diarrhea?"can be considered closed. However, keep in mind that our organisms are very different. That may be the perfect fit to one person is not always suited to his interlocutor. So listen to your body and stick to common

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