What will happen to your body after giving up alcohol: 7 benefits

According to statistics, each person annually drinks an average of 9.5 liters of alcohol. This is not an alcoholic - just a lover to spend Friday night with friends and a bottle of something strong or not.

Sometimes he allows himself to relax in the midst of a busy week - quite a bit, to relieve stress. And what happens to the body of this man, if he refuses alcohol? Experts note 7 pleasant change!

Weight is Normalized

Alcoholic beverages are very high in calories, so if you refuse them, you will start to lose weight. For example, a standard bottle of beer contains 230 kcal, 100 grams of vodka or whiskey - 250 kcal, and liquor - all 350 kcal!

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An Additional disadvantage of alcohol is that it inhibits the brain area responsible for saturation. As a result, people overeat. It is proved that alcohol lovers eat 25% more.

Reduced stroke risk

Alcohol thinns the walls of blood vessels and provokes the formation of blood clots, and constantly jumping pressure aggravates the situation. All these factors increase the risk stroke, and in the presence of predisposition it increases significantly. Giving up alcohol reduces the risk of the disease. In this case, already affected cells are restored.

Faster build up muscle

If you go to the gym and perform strength exercises, but do not deny yourself alcohol, then your efforts will not bring the proper result. This is explained by the fact that alcohol lowers protein synthesis, thereby making it difficult to build muscle relief.

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In Addition, alcoholic beverages prevent the production of hormones that are necessary for the regeneration of muscle tissue after exercise. Therefore, it is especially important for sports girls to give up alcohol.

Strengthens the immune system

People who abuse alcohol always look a little cold. They have a bad immune system, but this is not the worst consequence. Alcohol destroys the protective functions of the body. After giving up alcohol, wounds heal faster, inflammation appears less often, General health improves.

Improves skin condition

The Skin during regular use of alcoholic drink acquires a grayish or even bluish tint. All this is a consequence of insufficient blood supply.

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In Addition, the skin becomes dry because alcohol has a diuretic effect. Within a week after giving up alcohol you will notice an improvement in the skin.

Blood sugar level is Normalized

Alcohol Use entails a sharp jump in the level blood sugar level. As a result, there is an irresistible craving for high-calorie food, headaches, weakness, decreased concentration and other consequences. In the long term, the development of metabolic syndrome is possible.

Getting better sleep

This item is relevant for those who like to drink a glass of wine before going to bed to get rid of insomnia. Alcohol just accelerates immersion in sleep, but its quality is adversely affected: a person is almost deprived REM sleep phases, and in fact during it in the body produces important hormones. Without the usual dose of "sleeping pills" at first it will be difficult to fall asleep, but after a while the dream will get better.

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Every time the temptation to drink alcohol is too great, just think about how much benefit your health will get if you still do not dare to take this step!

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