What weight is considered ideal for women: Brock's formula

When it comes to figures, then girls dream conform to gold standards. And utterly for good reason! After all, each has its own height, body type, muscle-fat ratio, and therefore its ideal weight, which is not always equal to the standard 50 kg.

How do you calculate your optimal weight taking into account individual characteristics? This will help the most common method of calculation - the formula Brock!

Calculation according to the formula of Broca

The Technique takes into account your age, height and body type.

Formula for those under 40: growth (in cm) minus 110

Formula for those over 40:growth (in centimeters) minus 100

Asthenics need to take 10% of the result, and hypersthenics add 10%.

How to find out your body type

If you have long fingers, thin wrists (circumference not more than 15 cm) and an elongated torso, then you have an asthenic body type. But hypersthenics are the complete opposite astenika: this stocky men with a wrist circumference of more than 17 see Normosthenic type of Constitution is inherent in the people of average height by wrist circumference in the range of 15-17 see

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It is Worth remembering that the result obtained by the formula is quite conditional. It does not take into account many parameters, for example, the ratio of muscle and fat tissue. Therefore, the most important reference point should be your reflection in the mirror.

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If you are satisfied, not it is worth exhausting yourself with hours of training in the gym and dietary restrictions. Love yourself and be healthy!

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