What vitamins are needed for growth, how to choose the right vitamins for growth.

vitamins for growth

The human Body can not fully work without vitamins. With a lack of any of them there are various diseases, disorders. Some of them our body synthesizes on its own, but most of it gets along with useful food.

The Value of vitamins for human growth

The Child should receive the necessary amount of vitamins, as he only formed all the systems and processes, so parents should think in detail the dishes for the children's menu. The diet of children should be quite varied and balanced.

Children's body constantly synthesizes new cells necessary for the growth of all organs, providing all vital processes and strengthen the immune system.  Parents must know what vitamins are needed for growth, because if they are not enough, the child will grow poorly, get tired quickly and often get sick.

Do Not think that children lag behind in growth and development only in disadvantaged families. In winter, useful components are not enough for many children, because during this period in vegetables and fruits not enough. Therefore, it is very useful to give a child multivitamin complexes, only to appoint such drugs should be a specialist after a General examination of the body.

What vitamins to drink for growth

Below we describe the main signs of vitamin deficiency for growth, so that parents timely identify them and take action.

If you notice that the child catches all sorts of infections, his vision deteriorates, skin diseases appear, and the mucous membranes are very dry, then perhaps he gets little vitamin A (retinol). It is necessary for tissue growth, strengthening of bones and ligaments, immunity.

To Replenish its contents, if most menus include vegetables yellow or orange flowers, fish, liver, milk, eggs. Carrots and pumpkin are the leaders in the quantitative content of retinol among vegetables.

Serious health problems may occur with a lack of pyridoxine (vitamin B6). It helps the child's body absorb protein from food, is necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system, provides normal growth of the muscular system and bones.

If you notice that your child has a sleep disorder, sometimes muscle spasms and tremors of the limbs, then perhaps this is due to a deficiency of pyridoxine in the body. This compound is found in nuts, meat, bran, chicken and Turkey, as well as in the liver, fish, bananas and cereals.

The importance of ascorbic acid for the child's body should Not be underestimated. Vitamin C is involved in the growth of all cells of the body, blood vessels and bones. With a deficit of ascorbic acid, children often suffer from colds, they heal badly wounds, bleed gums. It is found in citrus, rose hips, sea buckthorn, black currant.

Children need vitamin D (calciferol) To strengthen their bone and muscle systems. In summer, the child should spend most of the time outdoors, because this vitamin can be synthesized in the body under the influence of sunlight. Quite a lot of calciferol is contained in yolks, fish oil, butter, parsley.

How to choose the right vitamins for growth

To choose the right multivitamin complex, it is necessary to consult a pediatrician. The doctor will determine the recommended dosage of each component, based on the age of the child, the characteristics of his body and the presence of signs of a lack of vitamins.

First of all, you should pay attention to children's drugs with vitamin D and calcium. Calcium is very actively removed from the child's body, so children should receive it constantly together with food. If the child lacks this element, he takes it from the bones, which significantly slows down growth. Calcium is fully absorbed by the body only with vitamin D. Multivitamin preparations should be given periodically to all children in the winter or with the active growth of the child.

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