What vitamins are needed for adults, the value of vitamins for different ages.

Vitamins for adults

At any age our body needs vitamins. Of course, many of them we get from useful products, but these unique compounds must enter the human body constantly, because they can not stock up. Over the years, the human need for nutrients is reduced, as metabolism gradually slows down. Let's find out what vitamins to drink adult.

Vitamins for 30 years

People 30 years and younger benefit from taking additional vitamins B6, E and B9. Tocopherol (E) should be consumed by both women and men, as this compound is necessary for normal reproductive function. bodies'. Men are prescribed tocopherol for normal sperm production, and the female body needs vitamin E for successful conception and pregnancy.

Tocopherol is found in seeds, herbs and vegetable oils. If the body, this vitamin will be supplied regularly, you will gradually improve brain function, and significantly reduced the risk of heart disease.

Pyridoxine (B6) is considered to be Equally important for this age because it is a substance participates in metabolic processes. If you replenish your body with pyridoxine regularly, you will reduce the likelihood of stroke and myocardial infarction by two percent. It is in the liver of chicken, vegetables and fruits, in untreated cereals, in meat. To pyridoxine better absorbed, it is desirable to take it with folic acid. Note that during the heat treatment of products all its useful properties evaporate.

Folic acid should be taken additionally by women, carrying the baby. This vitamin is necessary for adults for the normal functioning of the circulatory, nervous and digestive systems. Folic acid is found in green vegetables, whole grains, cottage cheese and yeast.

Vitamins after 35 years

In the body after 35 years there are significant changes – deteriorating health, wrinkles appear. Therefore, in addition to the above, it is necessary to pay attention to vitamin A (retinol) and ascorbic acid.

As we all know, retinol improves skin condition, affects eye health. If you take it regularly, you can protect yourself from various cardiovascular pathologies.

Obtain this vitamin can be from yolks eggs, butter, byproducts'.

After 35 years our body increases the need for vitamin C (ascorbic acid). With regular intake of ascorbic acid, the concentration of useful cholesterol increases and, accordingly, the content of bad, harmful decreases. A person with a lack of this acid in the body often faces a stroke. With its constant intake increases the amount of collagen fibers, slows down the formation of wrinkles. Detect this extremely useful a substance can be in red pepper, in citrus fruits.

Together with this vitamin after 35 years it is useful to drink vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin). With regular use will increase efficiency, normalize metabolism, increase concentration. You can get it from fish, meat or liver. Vegetarians will have to take cyanocobalamin tablets.

Vitamins after 40

The Body after 40 years needs vitamin B3, which is in meat, dairy products, whole grain bread and cereals. Deficiency of this compound leads to muscle fatigue and rapid fatigue.

At the age of 45, our bones become especially brittle, so it is very important to take vitamin D (calciferol) in combination with calcium preparations. It prevents the development of cancer and heart disease. It is no secret that it is produced by our body under the influence of sunlight. Calciferol is rich in chicken yolks and fish fat.

And at this age a little to improve blood clotting, it is necessary to have greens, spinach and liver, as these foods high in vitamin K.

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