What vitamins are necessary for the skin, hair, nails, how vitamins can be used.

Vitamins for skin, hair and nails - overview and methods of use

Nature is so provided that when the permanent or temporary scarcity of a vitamin, first of all, change the condition of the skin of the body. This can be explained by the fact that the appearance of the nails and skin in no way affect the survival of the body, but because any changes in vitamin balance in the first place they suffer. Let's find out which vitamins for skin, hair and nails we need, like it is correct to use vitamin complexes.

Important vitamins for skin and nails

Dermis and epidermis, nails need tocopherol and retinol (vitamins E and A). Both components stimulate the synthesis of fibers of collagen and elastin slow down the aging of tissues.

Retinol and tocopherol are strong antioxidants that protect the skin from the negative effects of the environment. Retinol accelerates the elimination of toxic substances and helps to retain moisture in the tissues.

Nicotinic acid (PP) and Riboflavin (B2) enrich all cells with oxygen. Biotin is called the vitamin of youth and beauty. Every day the body produces a huge number of keratin cells, and involved in the synthesis of these cells just Biotin.

Naturally, the skin will be healthy with enough vitamins. It is necessary to try to get as much as possible with food, and the lack of components can be filled with the help of cosmetic fortified drugs.

However, we must understand that excessive vitamins and overdose skin condition will only worsen. For example, with an excess of retinol, pigment spots often appear, groups B – acne, burning and redness of the skin, herpes, and with an excess of ascorbic acid, pimples may appear. Therefore, professional cosmetologists advise not to use several drugs with the same components.

Vitamins for beauty hair and nails

Vitamin complexes will restore even the most damaged hair. Hair also needs a variety of vitamins: B5 makes curls moisturized, B3 activates the synthesis of pigment in strands, E, A and C promote hair growth and protect them from negative effects. The hair received all the necessary components that are very useful to add pharmaceutical vitamins in masks, shampoos and balms. Each drug is administered separately, not mixes.

To from this enrichment of cosmetics was the visible effect, it is necessary to use a single vitamin for a month and then change to another. Naturally, vitamin solution should be added immediately before using cosmetics. If you have done a whole course of recovery procedures, and the condition of the hair has not improved, then more radical methods are required, for example, the use of special vitamin and mineral complexes.

Vitamin Complex for beauty and youth

Often we want to give them money, because I doubt their effectiveness. And in vain, because the majority of pharmaceutical products include natural vitamins of plant and animal origin. The human body absorbs them as well as the useful components that it receives from food. When buying capsules should take into account important points: they should be as much as possible vitamins, as they are much more effective in combination act. An effective remedy should contain at least one third of the body's needs for a particular vitamin, ideally half.

If you want long nails, you should get enough b vitamins is Especially important thiamine (B1) which participates in the synthesis of keratin, an important protein for nails. Replenish thiamine from green leafy vegetables, oatmeal and buckwheat, sprouted wheat grains, dairy products, eggs and livers.

When layered nail plates useful to take ascorbic acid in combination with vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid). These substances help to normalize the tissue water balance, because the lack of moisture – this is the main cause of nail lamination.

Intensive vitamin complexes for youth should not be taken for more than five weeks, otherwise cracks will appear on the skin or nail plates.

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