What vitamins are necessary for hair, the best vitamins for hair, vitamin complexes from hair loss, hair masks with vitamins

Vitamins for hair - recommendations and home recipes

Beautiful hair in the form of gift of nature accrue only little women, the rest of the will have to attach the sufficient number of effort, to prove in numerals owners healthy glittering hair.

For Those who have decided to seriously do your hair, you need to pay attention to the vitamins for hair and nails. They help to cope with many problems in the body, so help and hair extension.

Best vitamins for hair

Very beneficial effect on the health of the hair receiving b vitamins:

  • vitamin B1 accelerates hair growth;
  • vitamin B2 need to activate hair follicle division;
  • nicotinic acid (B3, PP) improves blood circulation in the head and hair nutrition, which contributes to their growth;
  • Pantothenic acid B5 strengthens hair follicles, delivers oxygen to them, causing the hair to Shine;
  • vitamin B6 is used in the treatment of seborrhea, aligns the split ends of the hair;
  • folic acid B9 protects hair from external negative factors including painting or drying with a hot hair dryer;
  • vitamin B12 can be used as a mask to accelerate hair growth;
  • Biotin (B7,H) is a b vitamin that contains sulfur necessary for collagen synthesis, which is exactly what healthy hair, skin and nails need.

By Regulating the exchange of fat in the skin, Biotin normalizes fat or dry hair, prevents the appearance of early gray hair fragility, makes them smooth and shiny. Biotin is synthesized in the intestine and comes from food. The lack of it in the body can be due to many reasons, such as digestive disorders and intestinal diseases, the use of antibiotics that inhibit the formation of Biotin, alcohol abuse.

Do Not forget about hair care and proper nutrition. It is with food that hair receives the main amount of vitamins and vitamins necessary for hair microelements'.

Important should take the place of vegetables, especially green and leafy, fruit, seafood, sea fish, poultry, dairy products. Useful mushrooms. A lot of zinc for hair is found in beef and nuts, especially almonds. Biotin can be obtained from ordinary beans, if there is its on 3 a Cup of in week. Try to include in your menu as yeast and honey, as they contain biologically active substances that will not be superfluous and the body, and hair extension.

Vitamins for the hair

For people who want to fix problems with the hair (along with nails and skin) there are products that contain vitamins for hair in its purest form. They are available in the form of capsules, designed for long-term use (at a rate of 10 mg per day), have no contraindications and are in great demand among women.

Pharmacies are now a wide range of different products for hair. Good reviews on "Inneov the density of hair", well-known firms Vishy. This tool contains tannins (by the way, a large number of these substances are found in ordinary green tea), makes the hair healthy and beautiful, but it must be drunk at least 6 months'.

You Can try vitamin complexes with a high content of minerals silicon and zinc, also necessary for healthy hair. This drug "Bioside" produced in the Czech Republic, after taking it for a few months, the hair will become stronger.

Hair Masks with vitamins

Many women use pharmaceutical preparations of vitamins in ampoules and cosmetic oils for hair care. To make your hair silky, you can put a mask on them:

1 tbsp olive oil mix with an equal amount of vitamin E and vitamin A in the oil.

To hair nutrition mix 1 tbsp. of honey, lemon juice and aloe Vera pulp with one ampoule of vitamin B2.

To accelerate the growth and strengthen the roots of the hair mix and apply to the hair one ampoule of vitamins B2 and B12 with almond, burdock and sea buckthorn oils, taken 1 tbsp each and egg yolk.

To restore split ends, you can make a mask with nicotinic acid v3 2(1 ampoule), aloe juice (1 tablespoon) and propolis tincture (25 drops). Stir, apply to hair.

If you're not lazy, then be sure to get what you want: your hair will become a subject of your pride is strong, heavy and shiny.

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