What to eat to lose weight

Not every one of us has an iron will, and is able to eat without snacking. Let's try to understand whether it is possible to afford a small weakness and to distract from cares and disturbing thoughts, "sweeten" bad mood.

If you want to lose weight, snacking is not necessarily an obstacle. Moreover, nutritionists recommend eating 5-6 times a day every 2-3 hours. How to learn to use snacks for good and not for harm?

The Main thing here is what and how to eat. It is important to wean yourself from the "unconscious" snacks, when we do not notice that put in your mouth, and, as a rule, "comes across" what is imposed daily advertising, and is offered in the most prominent places in shops and stalls: chocolates and candies, chips and crackers, salted nuts. All these products are high-calorie, and if you do not have perfect health, can be very harmful.

At Once we will agree, it is possible to have a snack and sometimes it is necessary, "correct" snack even promotes weight loss as, in time having a snack, you will not move to the next main meal, the body will not consider that you starve him, and therefore will not cling to their fat reserves.

Think in Advance, than you will snack. Try to keep in the fridge you are always waiting for the curds, or kefir, fruits or dried fruits, vegetables, honey. Do not limit yourself to the above products, choose for yourself what you really want, the main thing is that it there were useful products that will provide the body with vitamins, minerals and other necessary substances. Snacks should be useful, but always tasty!

As for sweets, buns, chips, it is better if they are not in range at all. If this is not possible, the main thing is not to absorb them thoughtlessly, listening to a colleague's story or looking at the TV, teach yourself to stop for a few seconds before putting something in your mouth, and ask yourself whether I need this?

If you are seriously going to get rid of extra pounds and change your diet, the first time is the best assistant – diary, in which you will record your meal time, and ideally, everything you ate. Hunger may well be false.

If the time is after lunch or dinner was not so much, and a variety of sweets and Goodies and asks in his mouth, try to find yourself something to do outside the house, just take a walk or go to the fitness room, go shopping or sign up for the pool, work out on simulators or even just chat on the phone. You can read a book or magazine in the Park, not at home, then there will be less temptation to eat chocolate or crackers.

Don't forget about water, not everyone is able to distinguish the signal of thirst supplied by the body from the signal of hunger.

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