What to eat at work | For weight loss and health

What to eat at workAs usual working day starts at the office? Of course, with a Cup of coffee. Then we remember that it is not enough to be completely happy. Of course, a good day at work can not start without a snack. A couple of candies, a spoonful of sugar in the drink and a few cookies, and maybe a small piece of cake.

With this cozy habits often and begin problems with excessive weight. After all, despite the fact that eaten a little sugar, cookies and sweet candy, got the body besides calories? And when you consider that during the day such snacks can be repeated at least three times or more. And what happens? Only on these snacks, not counting lunch and evening meal, we can get as many calories as we do not spend for the whole day! Goodbye, slim figure?

How to change the diet so that it is not harmful to the figure and health? Try to analyze if your nutrition matches the following principles:

1. Meals should be balanced and varied. Our body needs about 170 compounds of substances to meet all needs.

2. It is necessary to limit yourself to foods high in fat and sugar. This is primarily confectionery, sausages.

3. What foods can I eat without restriction? This is all that is prepared from the grain. However, it is not about sandwiches, but about grain bread or porridge.

4. Inclusion in the diet of fruits and vegetables. These are the products without which it is impossible to imagine a healthy diet.

5. Dairy produce. Despite the fact that today many people have observed insufficient amount of lactose – an enzyme that processes milk sugar, dairy products – yogurt, yogurt, cottage cheese, all of this there is can be and need!

6. Meat. It contains protein, iron and vitamin B12 – all this is absolutely necessary for a person. This is especially true of iron, because the problem of iron deficiency anemia (in pregnant women and children in particular) every year is becoming increasingly important.

W one portion of beef (about 100 grams) contains about 2 ml of iron in the form in which it is perfectly absorbed by the body, covering the daily rate of the body's need for iron.

More details about diet rational nutrition.

And some more tips about healthy snacks

How to do, if snack pulling not simply bread, and hearty sandwich? It is necessary to decide in advance that the day You can only afford one sandwich. In this course, a slice of sausage does not have to be twice as thick as the bread. The right sandwich should consist of a thin slice of sausage and a slightly thicker slice of bread.

If you are preparing a salad with vegetables, watching your figure, you should not get carried away with mayonnaise. Select low-calorie filling, or season the salad with vegetable oil and lemon juice. In addition, the taste is also important, because by adding mayonnaise, you feel not the taste of the salad, but taste of mayonnaise. And certainly do not add mayonnaise to fried meat.

And another tip for those who want to always have a perfect figure: if you want a snack at work, instead of cookies and candy to eat all kinds of dairy products. Choose natural products without sugar, with a low fat content.

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