What to do when sweating in the armpits

Much sweating armpits - what to do?do you Know that in a lifetime a person allocates about 20 thousand liters of sweat? And most of it evaporates in the summer. Sweat is a protective reaction of the body from overheating. Today we will find out the causes of increased sweating and how to deal with it.

Hyperhidrosis is a very frequent phenomenon. Often, sweaty feet, hands and, of course, armpit. And if some believe it's just a cosmetic flaw, the doctors – a disease that must necessarily treat.

Why are sweating armpits

Why sweat armpits

Increased sweating is often associated with the appearance of a particular disease. For example, it may be a malfunction of the endocrine system. In this case, you need to visit an endocrinologist and check the thyroid gland. Also, violations may be associated with some disorders of the nervous system, blockage of blood vessels and poor lymph outflow. If you constantly sweat armpits, you should consult a cardiologist and conduct the necessary studies. To hyperhidrosis leads and taking some drugs, such as aspirin, insulin, analgesics from the group of morphine and promedol, antiemetic means.

What to do

  • Use antiperspirants and deodorants if very sweaty armpits. They include aluminum and zinc, which clog the sweat glands. However, doctors treat these cosmetics negatively. The fact is that with then the decay products are output, and because of antiperspirants they remain inside and the body is not cleaned. It is also necessary to take a shower as often as possible and use deodorizing wipes. Because the unpleasant smell caused by the influence of the microbes that reside in sweat glands.  Much sweating armpits - what to do?
  • Baby powder and special talc can also help to solve this problem. They act as an antiseptic and prevent the formation of diaper rash and inflammation. What matters is that they were part of lanolin, rice or white clay. Helps the powder from ground oatmeal.
  • Herbal baths and sea salt are able to reduce perspiration and narrow down your sweat channels. In addition, taking a relaxing bath has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, and if you add a contrast shower to this, then you can also strengthen the vessels.Much sweating armpits - what to do?
  • Often doctors prescribe electrophoresis or Botox injections when armpits sweat terribly. They inhibit the activity of the sweat glands and prevent them from releasing sweat. This method is very effective, but the procedure will have to be repeated regularly.
  • If none of the above methods did not help you, there are last extreme method – endoscopic sympathectomy. A special camera is inserted under the skin and with its help the surgeon detects the nerve that needs to be clamped. Fat people do liposuction of the armpit, but over time, the fat begins to accumulate again.
    This problem is quite serious, but it can be solved in one way or another. So do not despair and take time for treatment.
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