What to do if the skin on the nose flakes off: reasons, ways to fight

Rough, with protruding scales skin gives the face a painful look and causes discomfort (itching, burning, etc.). Especially when your nose is peeling. It is difficult to get rid of scales, and it is almost impossible to mask a defect by means of cosmetics. What are the reasons for this unpleasant phenomenon? And what to do if constantly flakes nose? 

Causes of peeling

The most common causes of peeling include:

  • lack of certain vitamins and minerals;
  • dermatitis;
  • allergic or cold runny nose;
  • fungal diseases;
  • improper hygienic care of the skin;
  • hormonal changes.
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What to do, if flakes off nose

Reliably only a doctor can determine the cause of peeling, so do not delay the visit to the clinic. And while you wait for the results of examinations, you can try to eliminate peeling with the help of universal home remedies!

What to do if your nose is peelingphoto Source: shutterstock.com

Egg mask

Mix 1 yolk with a teaspoon of aloe juice. Apply the mask to flaky areas and wait for it to dry. Then rinse off the crust. 

Glycerin solution

Dissolve a Teaspoon of glycerin in a small the amount of water, and then add a few drops of ammonia. The liquid has acquired a smooth consistency, giving it a good shake. The resulting lotion apply to the skin and hold for half an hour. Then remove it from your face with a damp cotton pad. 

Banana mask

Mix a tablespoon of mashed banana with a teaspoon of melted honey and the same amount of warm and soft butter. The consistency of the resulting mask should resemble sour cream. Apply it to problem areas for 15 minutes.

Home remedies cannot be stored for long. It is better to prepare them immediately before use. 

Prevention of peeling of the skin on the nose

Permanently cure the flaking is not the best. Therefore, it is necessary to attend to the prevention of this unpleasant phenomenon.

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  • washing Water should not be too hot or too cold. It is also important that tap water is not very hard. Otherwise, you must install filters. 
  • in the Summer in hot weather and in winter in the cold before leaving the house it is necessary to apply a protective cream on the skin. 
  • Drink enough water, especially in the heat. Clean water not only normalizes metabolic processes in the body, but also has a beneficial effect on the skin. 
  • should be Used only high-quality cosmetics from trusted manufacturers. Do not wash with soap, as it is very dry skin. 
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Peeling on the nose not only spoils the appearance and causes discomfort, but also threatens the development of dangerous diseases. After all, in the micro-wounds formed by the shedding of the dead epidermis, can penetrate dangerous microbes and bacteria. Because the problem of peeling the skin in any case can not be ignored! 

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