What sport is best for you?

Sport – attractive opportunity useful. This is known from an early age, when adults told us about the benefits of exercise or physical education. Physical activity helps the body to stay healthy, keep it in good shape.

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However for many sport is associated with agony. And to force myself to make the unloved occupation is very difficult. If this is your case, then there is a good one for you news!

The Fact is that sports can be different, and physical activity can be varied. If one of the types is not suitable for you – just choose another! It will be no less useful, but pleasant and interesting.

Let's see what features exist and which one will suit you best.

Strength exercises

Strength exercises are your element if you are full of energy and have choleric or sanguine temperament. Then short, but intense loads will help to lose excess energy and lead your inner state to harmony. In addition, doing regularly, you will become better able to cope with anger and become more restrained in manifestation emotions'.

Choose exercises with a barbell, dumbbells or at the gym.

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Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise – this is a standard fitness training program. Such exercises are easier and usually longer. They are perfect for sanguine or phlegmatic, as they will help them to "stir up", recharge with vigor and energy.

The Choice of aerobic exercise is great: from the usual fitness training in the gym to running in the Park. You can choose what is convenient to you.

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Exercises stretch

Stretching Exercises – so-called "stretching" and " yoga." They are ideal for phlegmatic and melancholic, as they are aimed at working not only with the body, but also with the internal state. After these exercises are not only flexible muscles, but the mind. Immersed in yourself, you train your consciousness, learn to concentrate and breathe properly. These workouts are not too dynamic, so by the end you will not be exhausted and exhausted – on the contrary, you will be full of energy.

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Thus, sport is not a tedious and boring activity, but a very diverse and interesting way to become healthier and more resilient. The main thing – to choose exactly what suits you.

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