What products promote beautiful and healthy skin color

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Once competent marketers convince women that only through expensive procedures and creams to make the skin beautiful, but this is completely wrong. Of course, the food does not bring such a rapid effect as, for example, salon procedure, but in the long term the use of healthy foods will be much more effective. Food affects the health and beauty of the skin better than the expensive cream. It is only important to know exactly what to put in the plate. We present you a list of products that will make the skin healthy and make it Shine from the inside. The main thing is to be patient and wait a couple of months. This is how much time is required for a complete skin renewal.

Olive oil

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Olive oil nourishes and moisturizes the skin, which helps to prevent the appearance of dull complexion. Also in this product a lot of vitamin E, which fights against free radicals and helps to get rid of wrinkles. Vitamins D and A promote skin regeneration, and carotene protects it from the negative effects of direct sunlight.

Natural yogurt

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This product contains useful lactobacilli, which help to establish metabolism and digestive processes, thereby improving the condition of the skin. From the one, how well your bowel works depends on whether you have clean and healthy skin or a rash.


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Research it was proved that beet has unique properties and no product can replace it in the diet. This vegetable effectively normalizes the intestinal microflora and removes toxic substances from the body, thereby improving the complexion and skin condition as a whole.


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Carrots contain large amounts of carotenoids and other pigmented elements. Scientist it was proved that the consumption of a large amount of this vegetable has a beneficial effect not only on the health of the skin, but also on its color tone.

In Addition, carotenoids are natural sunburn activators, as they contribute to the release of melanin. If you want a beautiful tan, then eat carrots with sour cream (for better absorption of nutrients needed fats).


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Oranges – a storehouse of vitamins C, E, A, PP, and b Vitamins. They restore the structure of the skin, improving its elasticity and appearance. They also help to prevent moisture loss and fight aggressive environmental conditions.

Do Not forget to include in the diet of the above products, and then your skin will become velvety, beautiful and healthy!

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