What products contain vitamin B17: table, list

According to us scientists, people need to know what foods contain vitamin B17 to avoid its harmful effects. In this country it is banned because it is considered poisonous. In Russia, vitamin B17 is not so skeptical. On the contrary, in alternative medicine there is an opinion that it suppresses the development of cancer cells. But officially this version is not confirmed. In science, vitamin B17 is known as amygdalin.

Important! If you still decide to increase the proportion of vitamin B17 in your diet, it is strongly recommended to consult a doctor!

Vitamin B17 in alternative medicine

According to the famous doctor Ernst T. Krebs Jr., vitamin B17 is almost the last hope for cancer patients. He found that amygdalin contains a cyanide molecule, benzaldehyde and two glucose molecules. If there is an emulsion, which is a natural enzyme of almonds, vitamin B17 breaks down into aglycone and two glucose molecules. And in the case of exposure to beta-glycosides, it turns out hydrogen cyanide and benzaldehyde. This explains the toxicity of almond seeds, Apple seeds, apricots and other fruits. The excess number of them used in food causes food poisoning.

Given the fact that beta-glucosidase is present in cancer cells, therapeutic dosages of vitamin B17 are detrimental to them. As for healthy cells, amygdalin is safe for them, but subject to use within standards.

In Addition, alternative medicine indicates the following beneficial properties of vitamin B17:

  • slows down aging, prolonging youth;
  • heals wounds;
  • displays products released after oxidation;
  • eliminates inflammatory processes;
  • relieves pain;
  • accelerates metabolism;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • eliminates symptoms stress;
  • relieves depression, anxiety;
  • improves vision.

It would Seem that there is an extensive list of useful properties...But supporters of official medicine reject any benefit associated with vitamin B17. And even if it exists, the harm is much greater.

Alternative medicine recommends taking vitamin B17 for cancer therapy and prevention. In addition, indications for the use of amygdalin are:

  • stress conditions;
  • excessive physical activity;
  • excess body weight.

Note! According to nutritionists, vitamin B17 is able to break down fat. However, it is worth thinking a few times before choosing this method of weight loss.

Vitamin B17 in official medicine

In the official medicine, it is believed that amygdalin abilities to resist cancer is speculated. On the basis of vitamin B17 developed anticancer drugs, which, by the way, have a high cost. However, numerous studies have not proved the effectiveness of these drugs in the trepia of cancer.

Note! The US eventually banned speculation on amygdalin when using it as an anti-cancer drug. However, to date, drugs based on it are available in Mexico, China and some others countries.

To be fatal enough 50 g of amygdalin.

List of foods containing vitamin B17

Natural sources of amygdalin are food. In large quantities, this substance is contained in the bones of berries and fruits. But not only are they rich in its content.

Note! Vitamin B17 can be found only in plant foods. It is good it is absorbed in the human body even after minor heat treatment.

The content of amygdalin in the first place are the fruit plum. The greatest amount of substance is present in the bones. To obtain the desired dose of vitamin B17 should remove the kernel and eat them raw. The second place ranking on the content of amygdalin is occupied by some varieties of nuts, including bitter almonds.

Main products that contains vitamin B17, presented in the list:

  • peach, plum, cherry bones;
  • Apple, pear, pumpkin seeds;
  • blueberries;
  • beans;
  • apricot oil;
  • lentils;
  • currant;
  • bitter almonds;
  • raspberry;
  • spinach;
  • beans;
  • dried apricots;
  • watercress salad;
  • gooseberry;
  • buckwheat and other.

Even taking into account the possible harm of vitamin B17, it is not necessary to completely give up berries and fruits, because they contain many other useful components. In addition, their use is impossible to get an overdose of amygdalin. We'll have to eat a huge amount of food that overpower the human body at a time or even a day, can not. However, the abuse of seeds and seeds of fruits and berries is better to refuse.

Table C products containing vitamin B17

The, that vitamin B17 contains exclusively in products plant, confirms table.

Vitamin B17 in 100 grams, milligrams

Product Names

More than 500

Outline Bones

Oil, derived from apricots


Cherry, plum, grape, peach pits

Pear Seeds

Bitter almonds

Apple Seeds







Pumpkin Seeds and oil

Flesh of apples




To 100

Green peas


Figure brown

Jerusalem Artichoke



List of pharmaceutical products based on vitamin B17

The following vitamin complexes containing amygdalin have been Developed:

  • Laetrile B17;
  • Vitalmix Recnacon 17;
  • Metametals.

Official medicine denies the story about the effectiveness of vitamin B17 in the fight against malignant tumors. But some people claim that its healing properties helped them to get rid of a deadly disease. Anyway, before taking the above drugs, it is necessary to pay a visit to the doctor.

Daily values

So far, scientists have not come to a consensus on the daily intake of vitamin B17 for the body. Those who support alternative medicine are advised to take between 200 and 1,000 mg of amygdalin per day for the prevention of cancer. For the treatment of a deadly disease, they advise the use of 3,000 mg per day.

The Followers of the official medicine does not agree with such dosages. They believe that these norms of vitamin B17 are too high and in the case of a single dose can lead to death.

Vitamin B17 deficiency

There is no such thing as "amygdalin deficiency" in official medicine. exists. In alternative practice, this is the case. Those who argue about the beneficial properties of vitamin B17, indicate that its deficiency causes the following symptoms:

  • severe fatigue;
  • depression;
  • causeless sense of anxiety;
  • hypertension.

In Addition, alternative medicine indicates the susceptibility of the human body to cancer with deficiency substances.

Side effects

Preparations based on vitamin B17 contain cyanide, which is a strong poison for the human body. It mainly accounts for such effects, namely:

  • nausea;
  • violation of the work of the liver;
  • fever;
  • dizziness;
  • hypotension;
  • coma;
  • violation coordinations.

The Most serious consequence is death.

Note! The 60 kernels of apricot kernels contain approximately 50 g of vitamin B17, which is a lethal dose.

If a person takes amygdalin in the form of drugs, he should refrain from products in which it is contained in large quantities. You should always remember that overdose leads to dangerous consequences.

Drug Interactions

It is Important to understand that vitamin B17 interacts differently with drugs. And in order not to harm your health, you need to first get acquainted with the possible consequences for the body.

For Example, the interaction with ascorbic acid increases the toxicity of amygdalin. In addition, the substance reacts with other drugs and vitamins.

In General, representatives of traditional medicine refute the version about the role of vitamin B17 in anti-cancer therapy.

His the benefits so and not was wholly proven, but harm no one denies. It is possible that in the future will be found forms of substances that effectively affect cancer cells in the human body. But today they are shrouded in mystery. Currently, this is not developed an effective remedy for cancer, and they are still one of the most common causes of death of mankind worldwide.

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When it comes to vitamin B17, just remember about cyanide. After all, this poison is contained in this substance and makes it deadly. However, chemists remind that there is a big difference between hydrogen cyanide and cyanide. And although the first substance it also poses a danger to human health and poses a threat to his life, it is formed exclusively under the influence of a certain enzyme, called beta-glucosidase. It is present in cancer cells. Thus, hydrogen cyanide is not formed without the progression of cancer. And cyanide, according to scientists, is present in other vitamins of group B.

Do Not be afraid to eat foods with amygdalin. In the quantities of berries and fruit, which a person can master, its content is negligible. Another thing is the uncontrolled eating of the nuclei of their bones and taking high doses of drugs based on vitamin B17...The treatment and prevention of any disease should be approached wisely.

Videos will help you learn more about the products that contain vitamin B17.

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