What prevents us from sleeping

The Dependence of human health on proper sleep is well known. But if we can in the morning, reaching sweetly, to feel well rested?

Probably everyone at least once faced with the problem of insomnia, not helped when none of the life hack. What's stopping us from sleeping? These reasons are quite a lot, but we can focus on some of the most common.

Primacy can be given to such factors as pain. It's almost impossible to sleep if something hurts. And even if the dream is still there he is shallow and disturbing. Therefore, it is advisable to take painkillers before going to bed. Since such drugs are not instantaneous, you should not wait for the pain itself, and then another time until the drug acts.

Can Also be considered a factor impeding the onset of sleep and the insomnia. After all, it can be a manifestation of mental illness and a consequence of stress conditions.

But not always snoring interferes with sleep, is that someone who is trying to sleep nearby. Sleeping rarely prevents sleep own snoring. But if snoring is a manifestation of apnea, then you need to be extremely careful, as it is possible even to stop breathing in a dream.

Often we ourselves create conditions that impede the onset of sleep. This happens when changing time zones during flights, as well as the need to work on a specific schedule. Such failures do not go unnoticed, and the body needs time to adapt. Some sleep problems occur in women due to changes in hormonal levels. Whether it's menstruation or pregnancy, as well as the onset of menopause can be the cause of sleep problems.

There are also diseases in the presence of which there are difficulties with sleep at certain hours.

For Example, morning sleep for patients with bronchial asthma is disturbed by another attack of the disease. The state of the nervous system in the elderly often leads to insomnia. The medication can also affect sleep. Do not take caffeine or other tonic medications at night. If there is a need for them, be sure to adhere to the correct dosage.

Proper sleep can guarantee strict daily routine, in which the time before bed will be reserved for relaxed Affairs and lots of fun and walks. Also for a sound sleep before going to bed you can eat a spoonful of natural honey, which, due to the fact that fructose, its main component, perfectly relaxes and soothes. In addition, for men who have problems with frequent urination due to illness prostate, it is recommended to take the drug Prostamol, that nothing prevented the onset of healthy and sound sleep.

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