What not to do on an empty stomach: 5 things

The Modern pace of life forces us all the time in a hurry. It is not surprising that in this mode is not always possible not only to eat, but at least a snack.

However, there are 5 things that can not be done on an empty stomach. Otherwise, they will harm your body, take away the last strength and "Rob" your wallet!

1. Drink coffee

Coffee activates the synthesis of acid, which affects the hungry stomach, provoking heartburn and digestive problems. In addition, the habit of drinking this fragrant drink before Breakfast can lead to a decline in the level of the hormone joy (serotonin) and increase the level of stress hormone (cortisol).

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Can't pass up a morning Cup of coffee on an empty stomach? Then drink it with the cream. Milk lipid will reduce the negative impact of the drink, but its caloric content will increase.

Note! ❄ If you feel the "energy crisis" in the gloomy winter days, it is better not to drink coffee, and useful natural energy. ? ? ?

2. Train

Many think that intensive physical exertion on an empty stomach, the body uses more calories. In fact, an empty stomach does not increase energy costs, but the destruction of muscle tissue is accelerated. The classes themselves are not held with full dedication, as the body lacks energy.

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Before training, it is worth at least a little snack, because sports loads activate the synthesis of gastric juice, which can negatively affect an empty stomach.

3. Buy products

It Should be in the grocery supermarket on an empty stomach as the basket itself is filled with a variety of "snacks" that usually you would hardly have bought. This phenomenon is explained by the work of the signal chain "stomach-brain", and rationalism at the same time chokes.

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Do Not go to the store on an empty stomach, and if there is no other choice, then make a list of necessary purchases in advance and follow it clearly. Another tip: take a fixed amount of cash, which is enough only the purchase is scheduled.

4. There is citrus fruits

Coarse dietary fibers and acids, which are present in citrus fruits, irritate an empty stomach. This is especially dangerous in gastritis. However, on an empty stomach you can drink orange or grapefruit juice, if you dilute it with water in a ratio of 1:1.

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In Addition to citrus, fasting is not recommended to eat pears, tomatoes, spicy dishes, pastries and sweets. For Breakfast, it is best to eat porridge or eggs.

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5. To chew the cud

In the process of chewing, hydrochloric acid is produced, which injures the mucous membrane of the empty stomach. In addition, after chewing gum in people increased craving for high-calorie and fatty foods (eg, fast food).

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Less harm bring gum, which contains natural sweeteners, not sugar or chemical sweeteners. Even on a full stomach is not recommended to use gum more than 10 minutes.

"Man is what he eats" - this has long been known. But the things we do before a full meal also have a huge impact on us!

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