What men do not like in a female figure

All men Express different tastes and preferences when it comes to what should be the ideal female figure. And the fact that for some it looks tempting, for others it does not make an impression.

However, numerous surveys show that there are 5 features of the female figure that any man cannot tolerate. More about them will be discussed.

TOP 5 features of female the body, which are unattractive for men

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1. Narrow hips. Lush hips just radiate femininity and attract men with their curves, which can not be said about the narrow hips that resemble boyish. If you have lush hips, you can be proud of your silhouette and emphasize your sexuality, and if not, then do not to get upset! Narrow hips can be made more voluminous with pants with large pockets or skirts with ruffles.

Interesting fact! Numerous studies have shown that men subconsciously drawn to girls with wide hips, as this is a sign of high fertility.

2. Pumped up hands. As a rule, overly inflated hands look unladylike. So try not to build up voluminous muscles, especially in the hands. Often men are even frightened by girls with excessively sports-inflated body.

3. Sagging chest. Big Breasts are the pride of any woman. But if it is sagging, it will be very repulsive for men. Fortunately, at the present time there are many tools to help restore the attractive shape and elasticity of the breast: from surgical methods to special massages.

4. Flat pop. Excessive thinness, in principle, no one likes, but most of all men do not tolerate flat buttocks. So eat more protein foods and go to the gym to pump your glutes. It is also possible to mask this deficiency with layered skirts and flared coats.

5. No waist and broad shoulders. A pronounced waist and narrow shoulders are considered a symbol of femininity, while the lack of waist and broad shoulders make the figure boyish and unattractive.

Anyway, remember that you are a person. And you, first of all, should be appreciated not for the figure, but for the inner qualities!

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