What is useful sea cabbage for weight loss and health

Sea kaleAll know that seaweed is good for health, but very few of her favor – not for iodide. quite a specific smell, not for its "slippery consistency". However, the neglect of this inexpensive, useful algae in vain, the regular consumption of it is able to replace many nutritional Supplements.

Sea Kale, or kelp, is a class of brown algae found in almost all seas and oceans. Most useful consider kelp from the cold North sea, this kind of algae contains a maximum of iodine, vitamins and other nutrients.

Than useful naval cabbage

Than Alga rich in?It is composed of macro -, microelements, which she received from sea water. Kelp will strengthen the body, saturating it with nutrients. It is very useful and rich in iodine, iron and magnesium. In addition, seaweed is simply a storehouse of vitamins for women. It contains vitamins: A, E, C, group B.

Kelp – content champion Yoda.
Consumption of only 100 grams of algae is enough to provide the body with a daily rate of iodine. Sea cabbage contains an organically bound form of iodine and is perfectly absorbed, much better than from fashionable and expensive drugs intended for such processes as diet.

Iodine improves the absorption of phosphorus, calcium, iron, activates some enzymes.

Algae is useful for bowel.
The content of seaweed is not only iodine and vitamins. It consists of salts of alginic acid, practically insoluble in water. In addition, alginates have the ability not to digest in the intestine, but increase, absorbing water.
It is because of this ability to swell alginates improve bowel function, stimulate its motility, thereby gently relieving constipation. This property of seaweed is active used in diets for weight loss.

For the treatment of chronic constipation is recommended as a mild laxative to drink half a glass of infusion of seaweed before bedtime (pour 2 grams of dry kelp powder an hour before use).

But these are not all useful properties of alginates. Salts of alginic acid, sea cabbage fibers actively absorb excess cholesterol, which serves as prevention of atherosclerosis.

Contained in algae polysaccharides prevent the formation of blood clots, lower cholesterol blood, regulate water-salt balance.

Due to the content of bromine compounds, will help to overcome stress conditions faster.

When hypertension should definitely include kelp in your daily diet, replacing it with salt.

Seaweed slimming

Can I lose weight from sea Kale? Vodorosl help to lose weight, as bran, it fills the stomach and then the intestines, which along with low calorie, rich vitamin and mineral composition allows us to consider sea cabbage an excellent tool for weight loss.

For loss of appetite can be filled with dried kelp cold water, leave for a day, then strain and drink a few SIPS of infusion with a feeling of hunger.


Preparing sea cabbage

  • Dry cabbage is soaked with cold water for several hours, then washed slightly, after which it can already be eaten.
  • If the algae is frozen, it is also put in cold water, boiled until softening of the product.
  • Boiled kelp can be added to any dish, can be used as a standalone product.
  • Dried seaweed you can simply "add some salt" salads and other prepared dishes, adding a teaspoon of kelp instead of salt.

Finished products from kelp

Today kelp can be bought not only as usual canned food. Manufacturers it is dried, pickled, pressed, frost... Hard for inexperienced the consumer to choose an acceptable option. You need to know that the less it is processed, the more useful it is. At the same time, all the useful properties of sea cabbage are preserved only among fresh and dried kelp, or canned in the same place where it was taken from the sea. If the cabbage is first dried and then soaked with vinegar, sodium glutamate, of course, useful for the health of women it can not be called.

Many people prefer pressed kelp, it is used in the preparation of sushi or eat with the beer as "chips". Of course, this algae has no iodine taste, smell, but the benefits to the body from it is minimal.

Also note that seaweed contains a lot of salt, much more than in the usual lettuce leaves. Is it possible to eat seaweed when you lose weight or are on a diet? If salt or salted soy sauce is added to the composition of the finished product, such product is not will bring special good.

Choose canned sea cabbage

The most useful is kelp, which was produced in factories near the Barents or White seas. This algae contains a maximum of nutrients.

Seaweed contains substances that inhibit the reproduction of microorganisms, bacteria. Therefore, the canned food should contain only the cabbage, vegetable oil and spices. Preservatives should not be there!
Correctly cooked it will crack, as "land", it is easy to chew. If you opened the purchased jar, and there is a soft mass, or Vice versa too coarse fibers that can not be chewed, then canned food is prepared incorrectly. It is necessary to look closely, such a product can be completely spoiled.

Contraindicated in pulmonary tuberculosis, nephritis, hemorrhagic diathesis, boils, acne, urticaria, gastritis, enteritis, ulcers diseases of the stomach and duodenum, liver and biliary tract. You shouldn't use it when you're pregnant.
Just kelp is contraindicated in all diseases in which iodine preparations are contraindicated.

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