What is the use of lemon and garlic for vessels

Cleaning blood vessels with garlic and lemon is a proven method that has found its followers among people of different ages, United by one common problem – excess cholesterol. This method is good for people who are not allergic to these products and there are no contraindications to the use of this tool. Recipes cleaning vessels lemon and garlic, there are several and everyone has the right to choose the most favorite option. They all differ in different amounts of the same components, which together give a stunning effect, strengthening the body, providing anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects.

Garlic, honey and lemon for cleansing are

Before you plan the procedure for cleaning the vessels with garlic, lemon and honey, prepare a healing infusion, as indicated in the recipe. For this you will need:

  • lemons – 6 pieces,
  • honey – 200 g,
  • 4 garlic heads.

Peel the Garlic and pass it through the press, chop the lemons with the skin, put in a jar (3l) and add honey, as indicated in the recipe. Fill with boiled (not hot) water. The healing elixir is put in the refrigerator, and after 3 days begin to take half a glass for 30 days. It is recommended to clean the vessels with garlic, lemon and honey twice a year. Autumn and spring for this – the most appropriate time.
Lemon with garlic - means for cleaning vessels

Clearing are garlic and lemon for those who wants to be healthy and young

This method is an excellent option for cleaning the body with natural products. Garlic, about which much has already been said, is your first step when cleaning vessels from cholesterol and due to its anti-sclerotic effects widely used among the peoples of the East and the Caucasus with ancient time. Even a child knows how useful a lemon is, which is used in a variety of areas, not only in medicine, cooking and cosmetology. It is these two products are necessary in order to clear the vessels of cholesterol plaques.
Lemon with garlic - means for cleaning vessels
To prepare a tincture of garlic with lemon, use the following recipe. Take 16 lemons and heads of garlic. A quarter of all these ingredients and grind using a blender. In a glass jar(3 l) put the resulting mixture and pour into a jar of warm water to the brim. Put the tincture in a cool place forget about it for 3 days. After this infusion drain, and place in the refrigerator. Take 50 g three times a day. From this portion, 4 cans of 3 liters of tincture are obtained. Taking one portion and cook for a further one to the cleaning process was not interrupted for a single day. This amount of ingredients will last for 40 days of the cleaning course.

Cleansing the body with garlic

Cleansing the body with garlic is a useful and practically necessary procedure. This method consists in the use of tincture of garlic alcohol on a special scheme. For tincture garlic (350 g) grind, pre-cleaning it; then place in a prepared jar or bottle and pour alcohol (200 g). The mixture should be infused in a dark place for 10 days. Almost finished product strain through several layers of gauze, and wait for another 2 days'.
Lemon with garlic - means for cleaning vessels
Take tincture, diluting with milk, three times a day. On the first day, dissolve 3 drops of the mixture in 50 g of milk and drink 30 minutes before meals. Next, the number of drops to receive gradually increase. Cleaning with garlic tincture is carried out with an everyday increase in the dose by one drop for five days, and then – a decrease in the reverse order. On return to 3 drops, that is, to the initial dose, increase the dose to 25 drops and use:

  • before Breakfast,
  • before lunch,
  • before dinner.

Body cleansing garlic is held every 5 years.

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