What is the use of black pepper for weight loss?

If you are not the first day struggling with excess weight, you already know that it is almost impossible to lose weight quickly without compromising health. Gradual change of diet in the direction of useful dietary products is one of the most harmless ways of burning excess fat.

So, the fascination with black pepper may have a positive effect on your figure. Since hot pepper is one of the most popular culinary spices in the world, find it you will not be difficult. This sharp product promotes burning of calories, accelerates metabolic processes, therefore it is used in numerous recipes of traditional medicine, including for fight obesity.

Black pepper as a dietary product

Black pepper peas contain the active ingredient piperine is an alkaloid, which gives this spice a spicy taste. The percentage of this alkaloid in fresh pepper (green) or dried (usual black) varies from 5 to 9 %.

Healthy black pepper five years ago attracted the attention of scientists with its medicinal benefits for nervous system and digestive organs. In addition, this product increases the production of energy in the human body, being essentially a natural and harmless energy.

It is a Pity that the most useful studies of the nature of black pepper is not beyond scientific laboratories, and will require years of clinical trials in order to confirm the original calculations.

Useful Than black pepper for weight loss?

Black pepper can be safely viewed in as a dietary Supplement to the daily diet, because it normalizes metabolism.

    In 2010, an interesting study was conducted at the University of Oklahoma on the effect on body weight of a dietary Supplement composed of a mixture of peppers containing the same piperine. An associate Professor of the University said that such a food additive allowed to increase energy production while the remaining products of the diet remained unchanged from 4 to 8%.

Black pepper and digestive issues

Another healing property of black pepper indirectly affecting body weight is to aid digestion. This spice is referred to thermogenic plant products, which means its direct impact on rapid breakdown of fat during digestive processes.

Another study published in the redox Bulletin was carried out In 2004. The black pepper was identified powerful protective properties. At the cellular level, an interesting antioxidant effect this spice. Black pepper was added to the fat-rich diet of laboratory rats, which allowed to protect animal cells from oxidation by-products.

In 2007, in "Critical reviews of food" was published the article in which the author, in terms of collected scientific facts, argued the beneficial effect of peas of black on the digestive tract. In particular, it was noted: assistance in the digestion of food, stimulation of the production of digestive enzymes by the pancreas, acceleration of gastric peristalsis.

Precautionary measures

The Best way to lose weight is to reduce the amount of fat and carbohydrates consumed in combined with good motor activity. However, modern science can and should facilitate the process of weight loss by providing you with valuable information about useful dietary products that contribute to the burning of excess fat.

One of those foods that are good for weight loss black pepper. But before you seriously get carried away with this spice, talk to the doctor. During the pregnancy, breast-feeding, gastrointestinal diseases and some medications (such as theophylline and propanol) the use of black pepper is undesirable. In rare cases, this product may also cause an allergic reaction.

Even if you tolerate pepper well, eating more than 5 g of spice per day can cause symptoms such as bloating, heartburn and frequent urination.

Black pepper can be added to many dishes. And there are also drink recipes with it.

Mix the bell pepper juice (100 ml), cucumbers (200 ml) and tomatoes (100 ml), season with a pinch of ground black pepper.

Recipe for ginger tea for weight loss black pepper.

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