What is pomelo and how it is

Quite often people who have not heard, what is a pomelo, and the first time he saw, take this fruit for a lot of orange. In the market of our country, this exotic fruit appeared recently, but has already gained popularity. Pretty quickly, fruit pomelo began to refer to the "party" food. They can be used as a light snack, combined with wine, cheese, meat dishes, and added to salted fish thread.

As there is pomelo

Pomelo refers to citrus fruits, its size is much larger than the size of a grapefruit, and the weight can reach several kilograms. Outside, the fruit can be colored yellow, pale green or orange, the flesh inside is reddish, yellow, white and even green. Its homeland is China and Southeast Asia. Here, the benefit of the fruit of the pomel is so obvious that it is considered a symbol of well-being.

What is a pomelo and how to eat it

Under a thick peel pomelo hides a delicious and useful pulp

Since this fruit is exotic, many of our fellow citizens do not know how to eat pomelo, although this process is not much different the use of ordinary oranges. It is necessary to cut a little thick peel, after which the pomelo is easy to clean. From the peeled fruit you need to remove the pulp, for which a sharp knife is cut thick films, and easily gets delicious content. There is this exotic fruit can be raw, although on the shelves of our stores are increasingly found dried pomelo, which retains the whole vitamin complex and useful properties.

Use of pomelo

Amazing pomelo properties have a positive effect on people's health and help young and attractive look:

  • Since pomelo is citrus, it is very rich in vitamin C. Including it in the diet in the winter, a person reduces the number of colds diseases, and in the summer it minimizes the harmful effects of sunlight.
  • the Beneficial properties of this citrus fruit are striking, pomelo fruit contains potassium, magnesium and iron, which favorably affects the heart and blood vessels.
  • It is very useful for low gastric acidity, as it helps to produce digestive enzymes.
  • But the most useful properties of grapefruit lie in its low caloric value and high content dietary fiber. It contributes to the natural cleansing of the intestine, so pomelo affects weight loss and is included in the diet of many diets.
  • It removes cholesterol from the body and lowers blood pressure.

And this is not all the properties of the fruit pomelo, the presence of antioxidants in its composition helps to restore cells, so this fruit is extremely useful for elderly people.

The Internet can often meet conflicting reviews, according to which from pomelo there is and the benefits and harm, that can mislead. It turns out that this perfect fruit still has a "second side of the coin." Pomelo causes harm mostly to allergies, as the allergen is, and people who suffer from hepatitis, gastritis, acute colitis, and nephritis. Care should be taken to eat the broom and nursing mothers, as its excessive consumption can harm the child at an early stage of development.

Pomelo for weight loss

What a pomelo fruit is beneficial and harmful, it is understandable. But many readers leave reviews in which they are interested in how to use a pomelo at weight loss, because most often it is tried to be used for these purposes.

Pomelo contains a lipolytic enzyme that promotes weight loss. In the pulp of the fruit a lot of dietary fiber, which contribute to the natural cleansing of the intestine. Therefore, pomelo is often considered as an analogue of bran. Enzymes break down fats, and the presence of fibers promotes their rapid excretion.

A hundred grams of flesh contains only 32 kcal, so those who want to lose weight, pomelo affects weight loss, and those who want to lose weight can safely include this fruit in your diet. It will perfectly satisfy hunger during a snack at work and is ideal for a late dinner.

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