What is dangerous cellulite: 6 health consequences

We All know that cellulite makes your skin ugly. However, few people realize that this problem entails not only aesthetic shortcomings, but also dangerous to health, as always has internal causes.

Often women do not even realize what harm they cause to health, turning a blind eye to this problem. So, what are the hidden dangers of cellulite?

what are the dangers cellulite?

There is a stereotype that cellulite occurs due to excess fat under the skin, but this is not true. The appearance of orange peel provoke stagnant processes in adipose tissue, where there are many vessels through which lymphatic fluid flows. This causes the hidden dangers of cellulite.

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Main hazards cellulite:

1. Puffiness. Due to the strong compression of blood vessels with fatty tissue and stagnant fluid, swelling occurs not only in the area affected by cellulite, but also in other parts of the body.

2. The weakening of the muscles. This phenomenon is observed due to poor blood circulation and the same swelling. Gradually, the muscles lose tone and the ability to function normally.

3. Loss of sensitivity. Because of insufficient supply of blood nerve endings die off gradually, so the skin is almost completely loses its sensitivity.

4. The appearance of spot bruises. High pressure leads to small the vessels can not withstand stress and burst. As a result, there are point bruises.

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5. Varicose veins. varicose veins results in blood stasis and high blood pressure. Moreover, the visible manifestations of this pathology do not occur immediately.

6. Problems with the reproductive system. Women are less likely to become pregnant due to hormonal disorders provoked by the deterioration of metabolic processes.

How to get rid of cellulite

The Consequences of cellulite tubercles can be frightening, so you need to fight them! The initial stages of this pathology can be overcome independently, if you regularly do anti-cellulite wraps and massage with a vacuum jar, exercise, eat properly, take a contrast shower. Dynamic yoga also helps well.

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The Last stage of cellulite, when the skin resembles a sponge and acquires a bluish color, can be cured only under the constant supervision of a doctor. Most physical activity will cause muscle pain, so you have to choose the right exercises to help cope with the problem. Also, a nutrition specialist should come to the rescue.

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Note! Studies have shown that ultraviolet rays damage collagen, which makes cellulite more pronounced. Therefore, strictly limit the time spent in the Solarium, and it is better to abandon it at least until you eliminate cellulite bumps. Sunbathing in direct sunlight is also not recommended.

Cellulite is considered by Many to be a purely cosmetic problem, but in fact it can be dangerous for health. So start the fight with orange peel as soon as possible, because in the initial stages to deal with it easier!

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