What is Carol Maggio gymnastics?

Exercises Carole MaggioCarol Maggio Gymnastics is a set of facial exercises that helps to neutralize changes in the face that appear with age. After regular use of this charge, the skin is smoothed, wrinkles disappear from the neck, the sagging chin is tightened, the bags under the eyes disappear, and the eyelids become not so wrinkled and stand out. in Addition, Carol Maggio's facial aerobics is able to correct facial features: for example, if you have suffered all your life because of the too wide or narrow face, gymnastics will help hide this flaw. Can be even adjust not quite aesthetic a long nose.

Facial Gymnastics for wrinkles. The history of the.

It was Always known that a smile is the best ornament. In the early twentieth century, plastic surgeon Reinhold Benz gave the "folk" formula scientific justification. It was. He noticed that his beloved – ballerina Eva Hoffman – in her 42 retains excellent physical shape: her body was like a twenty-year-old, but the face... the Doctor began to look for dependence and soon realized: regular exercise and diet keep the body of a young ballerina. What if you also constantly train your facial muscles?
Soon began to practice exercises for the face, and over time, there is a theory of hasbinding, a follower of which was Carole Maggio.

Aerobics for the face of Carol Maggio

The Beautician has developed three sets of exercises. The first one is designed for beginners and has 14 cycles. The second is for advanced users system, it includes 9 more complicated exercises. The third is designed for eternally busy persons who can pay attention to charging only in the car, at the workplace or sitting in front of a computer.

To Start with a facelift with a simple exercises.

They strengthen the neck, chin, make thinner nose, tighten eyelids and remove bags under eyes. This course can be called basic, because without its development the user will not be able to move on: correct the oval of the face and eliminate facial wrinkles. For this stage to pass correctly, it is recommended to start classes after watching the training video:

Do gymnastics Carol Maggio recommends 2 times a day regularly for 6-8 weeks.
Exercises Carole Maggio

Tips from Carol Maggio

Mrs. Maggio gives several recommendations regarding the performance of all exercises regardless of the level of difficulty:

  1. For all of the exercises is the starting position: stomach, muscles of front of the thighs are strained, the buttocks tightened. Already one such position will reduce the volume of the hips.
  2. Attention should be focused on the muscle group you need correct at the moment. Focus on it, feel how they move under the skin.
  3. connect your imagination and imagine how a beam of energy passes through the muscles, how they tense up and come to the desired state.
  4. After each exercise, let your muscles relax. This is done so: the lips are compressed in a line, and you try to blow through them so that they vibrate.

Intensive fitness from Carol Maggio need after 35 years. You should start with those areas that are most concerned. Most often this eyes.
Exercises Carole Maggio

Eye Exercises

This technique not only increases the eyes, but also strengthens the eyelids, reduces swelling and "puts in place" the upper eyelid. These exercises are performed as follows:

  1. Press the middle fingers of both hands between the eyebrows, and the index fingers – pull the skin at the corners of the eyes.
  2. Trying to look up, squint and pull the lower eyelid up, and then relax. This stretch is repeated 10 times.
  3. to strengthen the lower eyelids and to remove bags under eyes, you need to press middle fingers on the inner corners of the eyes, with the index on the front.
  4. Look up, squint and pull the upper eyelid up.
  5. Repeat 10 times. During the last repetition you need to squint while counting to 40.

Judging by the reviews, in a year with listeners the course of Mrs. Carol not only disappeared problems with wrinkles, but also significantly corrected facial features.

Exercise to strengthen the jaw

To form an attractive oval faces, need to remove sagging skin on cheeks. This massage is done like this:

  1. Open your mouth.
  2. Roll the lower lip inward.
  3. Stretch the corners of the mouth to the sides.
  4. Press the upper lip against the teeth.
  5. Put index finger on the chin (so the movement will acquire additional load).
  6. Slowly open and close your mouth.
  7. every movement of his chin to raise higher and higher, representing the moving muscle.
  8. When the head is thrown back and the chin is up, lock the jaw in this position for 30 seconds.

Gymnastics you need to perform so as to not move the joints jaws and corners of the mouth. As an example, you can use the video:

Photos with step by step description of actions and recorded video lessons in Russian will greatly simplify the development of rejuvenating massage.
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