What foods contain vitamins. A brief table of vitamins. List of the most useful products

What foods contain vitamins?

To make up for the lack of vitamins and minerals in the body, it is important to first pay attention to your diet. Vitamins in food are absorbed much better than synthesized analogues in medicines. Of course, it often happens that pharmacy without vitamins, the body simply can not do. But no pills can replace living vitamins bfood.

They have only one major drawback: b vitamins food products differ from synthesized by their short shelf life. In just collected from the garden vegetables, fresh cut greens vitamins several times more than in the same products that have lain in the refrigerator for a day. That is why it is recommended, as far as possible, to eat only fresh and freshly prepared products.

The Content of vitamins in products, table

What foods contain dietary vitamins? The following table of vitamins will help you make the right diet.

Table of vitamins in products:

What foods contain vitamins?

This table vitamins will help determine which vitamins you are missing. Look carefully at the pictures and lists of products. Pay special attention to which foods contain b and d vitamins. Consider which ones you haven't consumed in the last few months. And then fix the situation!

In any products more vitamins: in plant or animal food?

There can be no Definite answer here. Both plant and animal products are very important for the human body. That is why it is necessary to use additional vitamin complexes in vegetarian diet. Some of the elements found in meat cannot be replaced with vegetable substitutes. For example, vitamin B7 and all d vitamins are not found in plants at all.

Which foods contain vitamins in maximum concentration, and is there a universal food that could be used most effectively and in short time to make up for the lack of vitamins? Below is a list of the most useful foods.

In any products many vitamins:

1. Apples.

Apples contain even more vitamin C than citrus fruits. And fruit acids, iron and a cocktail of magnesium, potassium and pectin help cleanse the body, reduce cholesterol and blood renewal. Quercin, contained in apples, stops the development of cancer.

2. Onion.

No Wonder this plant is so popular in folk medicine onions cure of many diseases. In addition to the basic vitamins A, B and C, which contribute to the rapid increase of immunity, it still contains essential oils and phytoncides that kill bacteria.

3. Garlic.

Has almost all the benefits of onions and additionally contains vitamins B3, B1 and PP.

4. Carrot.

Contains beta-carotene, synthesized in the body in vitamin A, vitamins C, E, PP, K, nicotinic acid.

5. Walnut.

Here is, perhaps, the most regrettable substitute for meat for vegetarians. A real treasure trove of proteins and fats, as well as essential trace elements: calcium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, vitamins B1 and 2, A, E and P, and many others. Five walnuts a day completely fill the daily human need for vitamin C!

6. Fish.

Contains vitamins D, E, A, and almost all trace elements.

7. Dairy produce.

Irreplaceable calcium source, vitamins A, PP, B 6 and 12, D and E.

8. Honey.

All b vitamins, Biotin, PP, S, C.

9. Kiwi.

It contains the most vitamin C. Consuming 2 kiwis a day, you will make up the daily rate of this vitamin. Kiwi also contains vitamins B6 and 12, B1 and 2, ZZ, A.

Daily consumption of the above products will effectively fortify the body and quickly raise the immune system.

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