What foods contain more zinc than pumpkin and currant

Among all the minerals zinc pay little attention and absolutely nothing. After all, its lack leads to many negative consequences, including the weakening of the immune system, osteoporosis, sleep disorders, metabolic deterioration, hair loss and poor skin condition.

The Daily rate of zinc for an adult woman is 7-12 mg, and for a man - 10-15 mg. it is Best to get this mineral from food, and not to use it pharmacy preparations. Next, consider the list of products that contain the most zinc!


Sesame contains 7.6 mg of zinc per 100 grams. It is harmoniously combined with chicken and salmon. It can also be added to the home granola. And sesame oil is recommended to smear on toast instead of peanut.

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Sprouted wheat grains

Most of zinc among all plant foods contained in the sprouted grain of wheat, 17 mg per 100 grams. This is much more than the daily allowance! Sprouted grains can be fried in olive oil for a couple of minutes and gradually added to the salads.


Lamb and pork contain 7-8 mg of zinc per 100 g, and chicken and Turkey contain 1.9 mg of zinc on average. But the last two types of meat are classified as dietary and recommended for weight loss!

Oat flakes

Oat flakes contain 4.3 mg zinc per 100 gr. Therefore, the easiest way to increase zinc intake is to eat oatmeal in the morning.

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Almonds and peanuts

Almonds and peanuts contain approximately the same amount of zinc - 3 mg per 100 g. These types of nuts are well used as snacks, and in the chopped form they can be added to nutritious smoothies and pastries. However, it is not necessary to abuse nuts, as they are very high in calories!

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In conclusion, it is worth noting that for better absorption of zinc, it is recommended to use products rich in phosphorus, vitamin A and calcium! But iron and copper while taking zinc absorbed slowly.

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