What five products spoil our vision

We often do harm to your eyes and don't even know it. For example, we eat foods that negatively affect the eye muscles and blood vessels, which is a real blow to vision!

Consider several products that are particularly harmful to eye health.

White flour Products

White flour is a product that does not contain any useful elements. But it has a lot of refined starch, which provokes a sharp increase in insulin levels in the blood. In large quantities, insulin has a negative effect on the eye Apple and leads to the development of myopia.

Polished rice and sugar are also Products that dramatically increase insulin levels. Therefore, they need to be careful.


If you drink no more than two cups of coffee a day, nothing bad will happen. But if you exceed this rate, there may be negative consequences. Drink narrows blood vessels, thereby disrupting blood circulation eye.

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Initially alcohol dilates blood vessels, but then leads to their narrowing and dehydration. Vascular spasms are extremely harmful to the eyes, so alcoholic beverages should be neatly.

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The Danger of alcohol is also that it affects the areas of the brain that are responsible for visual perception. Frequent use of alcohol may cause atrophy nerve's.


In small amounts salt is useful, but the diet of modern man is often several times higher than the daily rate (6 g). Excess salt detains fluid in the body and increases intraocular pressure, which can lead to serious consequences up to cataracts.

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Junk food

Under this name United various "garbage" food: hot dogs, crackers, chips, sweets and sauces, which are composed of a huge number of dyes, flavors, etc. All these E-additives adversely affect the body, including the organs of vision.

If you want to keep your eyes healthy, replace the above products with blueberries, asparagus, Brussels sprouts and spinach!

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