What comedones look like: the essence of the defect, the causes and methods of eliminating black dots

There is Hardly a person who never had skin problems. In adolescence, many have to deal with acne and post-acne. In later years, common problems are inflammation, irritation, increased dryness. 

But the real enemy of the skin - blackheads, or comedones, which will not make the skin more beautiful, healthy and manicured.

Features and causes

What are these comedones? At its core, these are dense nodules that are formed inside the pores. When dust, particles of subcutaneous fat and dead cells are mixed, they begin to darken under the influence of oxygen. Comedones appear. 

Most Often the problem affects those parts of the body where there is increased activity of the sebaceous glands. The epidermis is fatter there. Among those problem areas include:

  • collections;
  • wings of nose;
  • the forehead;
  • inner part of the ear;
  • lip rim.

Some people Have these dark dots are formed on the back.

What is the cause of the problem? What causes comedones? The reasons for their formation - cosmetics, created on the basis of fat and wax, poor quality care, insufficient cleansing of the skin, hormonal failures, due to which the sebaceous glands are too active, and sebum is produced very much.

Frequent diaper rash, increased irritation threshold of the epidermis, incorrectly selected cosmetic and care products, excessive sweating in the summer can Also provoke the problem.

More occurrence of black spots can be caused by a reaction to certain medications, constant stress and nervous tension, defective food.

The Favorable environment for the formation of black dots and hidden comedones are increased gas content of the atmosphere, high humidity and strong dust.

Causes of comedonesCauses of comedones

How to get rid of this defect? Make a bet on deep and quality cleansing. But to select the appropriate means it is best to visit a beautician. 

Also in the cabin you can go through effective procedures that will help to dissolve and remove the sebaceous plugs. Most often for this purpose are offered:

  • ultrasonic cleaning;
  • chemical peeling;
  • vacuum cleaning.

All of these professional treatments normalize the status of the person. But if the opportunity to visit the salon no, don't despair. There are a lot of folk and ready-made tools for removing sebaceous plugs.

How to get rid of black dots

Removal of comedones on the cheeks, chin, forehead, around the nose there are dedicated funds.

How to get rid of comedonesHow to get rid of comedones


Popular effective remedy which helps to fight pimples and the propeller. Cream from Russian stamps copes with the degreasing of the face. It works effectively, but delicately, allowing you to clean the pores.

Feature tools is that its composition is represented by a composite:

  • acids;
  • natural plant extracts;
  • essential oils.

The Product is recommended to be applied strictly on the cleaned surface before washing. For a few minutes you need to massage the surface, and then wash off the remnants of cream water. To achieve effective results, you need to use the "Propeller" in the evening and in the morning.


Excellent job with the problem of French cream "Differin". It is produced by Laboratoires GALDERMA brand. The peculiarity of the drug is that it not only displays comedones. With it you can get rid of acne and acne. The first results will be visible after one week applications.


You can Clean your nose and cheeks using Baziron cream. This cosmetic product is produced by the French brand. It is suitable for high-quality and gentle removal of sebaceous plugs. The peculiarity of the composition is that the cream normalizes the process of fat release and fights bacteria.

Means of getting rid of comedonesMeans of getting rid of comedones

"Matt" it is important to use a course. Then the black dots disappear without a trace, the skin begins to breathe, acquiring a smooth and healthy color.


An Extraordinary popularity has won black mask from black points. Afy is manufactured in China. Cream film is created on the basis of therapeutic mud, which perfectly removes comedones and rashes. 

Among the main advantages of the composition are:

  • delicate peeling effect;
  • a chance to do quality cleaning pore;
  • getting rid of blackheads, blackheads, acne;
  • normalization of skin condition.

The Composition of different antimicrobial effect. The product normalizes the water-salt balance in the epidermis, provides its nutrition and improves elasticity.

AFY dries the epidermis, so it is not recommended to use a film mask for more than 1 month in a row.

Ichthyol ointment

Excellent solution - Ichthyol ointment, which is worth a penny. This medicine - a real blow to the sebaceous plugs, acne, pimples. The anti-inflammatory agent is mixed with glycerin in a ratio of 4:1 and applied to the problem area. The composition must be covered with cling film and leave overnight. 2 procedures are enough to clean the skin.

To prevent The film from slipping during sleep, it is recommended to fix it with a bandage.


Mask in the form of gel from eminent producer Clean&Clear. All products in this series are focused on the care of problem skin. The gel works as a delicate peeling, relieving the epidermis of all excess and gently whitening it.

Neutrogena Care Clear

Ready delicate scrub from the company from France does not narrow pores, but effectively removes sebaceous plugs. In its composition there are small particles. Problematic skin they do not hurt, do not irritate, do not dry, but well cleaned of the inflammation and contamination.

Well established in the fight against comedones swipe ciracle (circl), scrub the "Asset" of coal from the Garnier mask Lanbena, salicylic acid.

Special strips from black points

Has proven itself a special patch. But what are the stripes the best?

Strips the skin of comedonesStrips for skin from comedones


A Great option is the SAP sheet Cettua. The product is suitable for cleaning at the initial stage of clogging. With a serious manifestation of the problem, he can not cope. The budget solution is suitable for teenagers.


More efficient production - "Propeller" strips" the cost of about 130 rubles. Cheap band-aid is presented by three variants. In the line of the brand you can find stickers:

  • classic;
  • with activated carbon;
  • with green tea extract.

The charcoal Version is suitable for even the most difficult cases. It is used by people who have problems with the epidermis. Strips with green tea - the best solution for those who have hypersensitivity. Classic - for everything.


Strips Laf - another inexpensive patch from clogging pores. Stickers are characterized by an ideal anatomical shape that follows the contours of the nose. The product copes with strong clogging and is inexpensive.


More expensive solution - a band-aid Biore. The composition of the labels is designed in such a way that the product will eliminate the flaw not only women but also men. The strips are well out of the tube even in hard to reach corners.

Nivea Visage

Powerful composition with acids that easily dissolve comedones deep in the pores and allow to get rid of them - the main advantage of Nivea Visage adhesive strips. The product is suitable for very greasy and combined covers.

Folk remedies of blackheads

Folk remedies from comedonesFolk remedies from comedones

Since squeezing comedones is strictly prohibited (because of this problem can only worsen), but the special tool is not at all always possible to resort to folk remedies.

Egg mask

Home quickly to get rid of the problem will help the egg mask. For treatment will need to mix:

  • 2 tsp lemon juice;
  • 1 egg white (strictly raw);
  • 2 tsp aloe juice squeezed from the leaves of the plant.

The Resulting mix is whipped with a mixer. At first should be spread over the problem area only half of the mixture. The skin is pre-cleaned and steamed. You need to wait so long that the tool is completely dry. The remains are distributed from above. After 15 minutes, you should just wash with cool water.

Soda peeling

Well established itself recipe with soda blasting. With his help many people manage to remove comedone at home, without a special appliance and salon procedures.

To prepare the solution is taken soda. Only ½ tsp is sent To her as much table salt, but small. Cotton swab should be well moistened. It is applied a little soda mixture. Face rinse with lukewarm water. The skin should be carefully treated with the resulting mixture, after which you only need to wash. To do this, use cool water, then apply a moisturizer.

Not to injure the skin, peeling is not more than 1 time a week. If there are pimples or other inflammation, the procedure is not carried out.

Soda if you wish, you can substitute bran flakes or well crushed flakes of oatmeal.

Mask with cottage cheese

Not only the mask of eggs help to get rid of blackheads. Fight with open and closed comedones can be with the help curd a mixture. The attractiveness of this home remedy is that it is suitable even for owners of very dry and sensitive skin.

To prepare the mask you mix a pinch of black pepper and cottage cheese. The mixture is distributed over the problem area, and after 6 minutes it should be washed off.

Coffee body scrub

Pressure grease tube is not necessary, but cleans well them coffee scrub. To prepare the mixture you need to take in 3.5 tablespoons of coffee grounds. It will need to pour olive oil (20 ml). You can also add a couple of drops of essential oil, suitable for your skin type. The product is applied to a clean face, a little massaging and rubbing his.

Carbon mask

At home, you can make a black gelatin mask with activated carbon. For making money you have to take 6-7 tablets of coal. Grind them to powder. Add 5 g of food gelatin. Heat water to 70 degrees. Pour 2 tablespoons into a dry mixture and stir well. When the gelatin is thoroughly swollen, distribute the composition in the area where there is sebaceous plugs. Leave on for 20 minutes and then wash away.

Recipe from the tubes with the cereal

To Split and withdraw the tube from the fat by using a mask on the basis of the crushed cereal. To prepare the mix you will need 1 tbsp. "Hercules". It is proposed to kill in a coffee grinder. Add 3 drops of boric acid or 1 pinch of baking soda. The workpiece to stir the yogurt to make a thick slurry. It is applied to areas where the comedones are located. In 10-13 minutes to remove makeup, gently rolling it with wet fingers.

Clay version

Clay mask from comedonesClay mask from comedones

The Other assistant - clay, which works not worse, than coal mask. How to use it? You need to take the powder and dissolve it in the juice of aloe that the tool is well penetrated into the pores and cleanse them. The mixture should be in the form of gruel. It is applied to the body or face, and then wait for solidification. After the first use most of the plugs disappears.

Rice peeling

Less efficiently than coal, struggling with a defect Fig. For a recipe against comedones need to take ¼ Cup of rice. Cereal thoroughly washed in cold running water, and then sent to a small pot. The product should be filled with a cool brew. 

The Liquid should completely cover the rice. In this form, the cereal is infused all night. In the morning, the liquid is decanted, and the rice is warmed up. Get a white slurry, which performed scrubbing procedure.

The photo is often seen as unsightly blackheads. But the main danger of the flaw is that such formations are often inflamed. And, very much. To avoid this, you need to properly care for the face, as well as systematically make masks and peeling. Good recipes against traffic jams of fat offered in the video:

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