What changes will occur in the body after Smoking cessation?

To quit Smoking you need willpower and, of course, motivation. Among the reasons pushing to get rid of this habit, it is possible to allocate an unpleasant smell which is absorbed in clothes and hair, high cost of tobacco products, but the most important is health.

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You Probably know how much Smoking harms your body. But can you imagine what you will feel after giving up cigarettes?

Good news: your breath improve

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In the first 10 days after withdrawal from nicotine you will begin to breathe more freely as the lungs once affected by smoke, will again function normally. During sports training, you will feel that you have become tougher.

Your hair and smile will be more beautiful

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Smokers often suffer from hair loss, because chemicals have a negative effect on the hair follicles. After abandoning the addiction hair will become stronger and will seem smoother and silky.

You will start to smile much wider when you see how much the condition of your teeth has improved. Unsightly yellow plaque will disappear or decrease after getting rid of bad habits. Also, the risk of developing diseases will be reduced gums'.

Your skin will start to Shine

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Smoking spoils the complexion and accelerates the aging process, destroying collagen and elastin. Waiver habits will eliminate the influence of harmful substances, as well as improve blood flow to the skin, which will make the complexion radiant and healthy.

You will be less sick

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Smoking has a negative effect on the immune system, which increases the risk of pathology. Particularly hard smokers are prone to respiratory diseases because of tobacco causes severe irritation in lung tissue.

Psychological and physical "withdrawal"

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After Quitting Smoking, many experience internal discomfort. They feel irritation, which is mainly due to a change in lifestyle. When a former smoker is faced with stress, he immediately wants to smoke, because the cigarette is perceived as an object that helps to return normal psychoemotional state.

To relieve stress it is recommended to engage in art therapy – drawing, modeling, embroidery, etc. Also good help sports and walks in the fresh air. It is important to always be busy with something, then thoughts about cigarettes will come less often.

As for the physical condition, the recent smoker begins the process of cleansing the body of accumulated harmful substances. First, the lungs are cleaned, which is expressed in frequent cough.

Because of the nervous tension caused by the refusal of cigarettes, the appetite increases. A person wants to replace the tightening with something else. That is why former smokers often gnaw seeds, eat small candies or nuts.

All of the above symptoms disappear over time: sometimes it takes only a couple of weeks, and sometimes – a few months. Depending on how long you smoked.

Fighting nicotine addiction is not an easy process, but then your body will thank you with excellent health and appearance!

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