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All we are accustomed considered, that a permanent overeating depends on habits and personal qualities. But sometimes the cause of overeating can serve as external factors, and some diseases.

Causes of overeating: mental work

Mental labor – the reason excess weight. This is evidenced by the research of scientists. In the process of intellectual work increases the degree of stress hormone cortisol, as well as glucose and insulin. They then send signals to the brain, demanding immediately something eat.

What should I do?
To avoid this, it is necessary to eat foods that are quickly saturated, and which at the same time provide a sense of satiety for a long time. Choose foods rich in plant fiber and proteins.
Well saturate fish, potatoes, eggs, oatmeal, buckwheat, lean meat, legumes, whole grain bread, nuts, olive oil, oranges.

Reasons overeating: only for women

Studies prove that it is easier for men to restrain themselves, feeling appetizing aroma. Women have to resist the pleasant smells of the kitchen turns out much worse. Therefore, overeating occurs more often, especially when we are excited or upset about something. Natural female impulsiveness also does not allow the weaker sex to withstand a very long hard diet, this vicious circle and becomes the cause of obesity.

What should I do?
Stick the lifesaver is a diet. Try to eat 4-5 times a day at a certain time (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, plus two snacks). Try to eat slowly, chewing the food carefully, and put small pieces in your mouth. In this case, the brain will receive a signal of saturation much earlier. Mode will help to normalize the "razevshiysya" stomach.
If, especially in the evening or on a weekend, pulls to the kitchen to eat just to cheer up, try to replace the snack with physical education, suitable anything: fitness, walking fast, jumping rope.

Reasons overeating: unnecessary things

American designer Peter Walsh has brought an interesting pattern:
it is necessary to save your home from unnecessary things, and at the same time from food debris, and this alone will reduce the excess of extra inches at the waist.

What should I do?
Bringing order to the kitchen, getting rid of unnecessary things leads to an organized and rational nutrition. Do not buy unnecessary products, get rid of everything that is not used for cooking and storing food and serving the table.
The room where you eat should be warm. In cool places eaten much more.

Fast food

Having Eaten a hamburger or a hot dog for lunch, we get mostly simple carbohydrates and after a short time we feel hungry again. In addition, the body also receives a portion of completely unnecessary preservatives, flavors and additives, including additives that increase appetite...

What should I do?
Start eating food made with your own hands from fresh products. Dishes prepared with your own hands will help learn to eat less and feel satiety much longer than after eating fast food.

Cause of overeating: chronic otitis

If as a child you often had to endure the inflammation of the middle ear, it may cause weight gain over time, as this disease can damage the nerve endings taste buds. American scientists have proven that such people then eat too much fat and sweet.

What follows do?
The first thing that comes to mind: completely replace your favorite dishes with cabbage and celery. Unfortunately, in most cases this leads to stress, which again provoke overeating.

All the more that bold and sweet we need. It's about quantity as well as quality. Minimize the amount of fatty, starchy and sugary foods, and look for a replacement. Instead of cream – yogurt, instead of cake – oatmeal with cinnamon and dried fruits. Replace candy with dried apricots or raisins, fruit. If you can not reduce the number of rolls and sweets eaten daily, try to lead at first food diary, this disciplines.

Let him make a habit of hearty Breakfast and lunch, with a consumption of complex carbohydrates and proteins. This diet ensures normal blood glucose levels, and the feeling of hunger recedes.

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