What breast size do men like: polls and opinions of scientists

Most Often men's eyes rush at women's Breasts. And the most interesting that this part of a body excites girls not less, than men.

Almost all the women's forums you can find a topic about which breast size like representatives of the stronger sex. In our time, a very common stereotype that men prefer big Breasts. But is it really business?

The psychologists, the results of research and survey data

Psychologists believe that a large bust is appealing to men on a subconscious level. This is explained by the period of breastfeeding: in infancy, lush Breasts were associated with food and a sense of comfort.

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But the results obtained by scientists in the course of the study, surprisingly, showed that men are most excited by the image of a woman of medium height with a breast 1-2 size's. The study used medical equipment that controlled the hemispheres of the brain and changes in hormone levels at the sight of different female images.

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An international survey conducted by health professionals partly confirms the results of the research of scientists. It was attended by several thousand men aged 18 to 62 years. According to the data published in magazine "NewsRU Israel", 53% of men prefer medium Breasts (2 sizes). Only 36% of men believe perfect big Breasts (3-4) and small Breasts (size 1) chose 11% of men.

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It is Worth noting, that in polls, where is offered base deployed, men often talked about how, that more important not the size of the breast, and its form of. The most popular opinion was the old truth: "the Most ideal breast is the breast of the woman you love!".

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