What are the sneakers for weight loss, reviews

massage shoes for weight lossSkeptics say that weight loss will come any comfortable sneakers if you will only in them to run, jump or, in the most extreme cases, just walk. However, sneakers for weight loss are promoted by quite serious "equipment" firms almost as an alternative to power simulators for legs and buttocks. Should we believe in "miracle shoes" and how to use it correctly? First of all, there are several types of shoes, you can choose the most suitable for yourself option.

Running Shoes for weight loss: fans of casual wear

Popular today Easy Tone and other similar weight loss sneakers designed for everyday wear. The main purpose of this Shoe is to additionally load the muscles of the legs and buttocks when walking, so you can strengthen the problem areas "in between". In fact, they work as mini-platforms Bosu, creating additional resistance when walking. Special hemispheres in the heels of such shoes make you strain even the muscles of the press and back, not that the hips and buttocks. However, the work of the muscles in these sneakers is more like a static exercise "invisible fitness", not for real training on unstable platforms.

Sneakers for weight loss Easy Tone are suitable for those who:

  • In everyday life pretty much moves on foot, because the minimum "time efficiency" is as much as 30 minutes continuous walking;
  • Not alien sporting-style clothing;
  • can not refer themselves to professional athletes or just fans of systematic trainings'.

Such models will help to lose weight only for those for whom walking in itself is a sufficient kind of load.

Move at an average pace for 10 minutes and measure your pulse. If the figures are less than 50-60% of the number you can get by taking away from 220 your age, sneakers for everyday wear are not your option.

These sneakers are able to slightly improve muscle tone, but the main mission fat burning the responsibility, after all, on walking, not the shoes. Reebok studies show that on average, an ordinary woman begins to move 30 % more during the day if she buys such sneakers.

In order to really get the result, and not just muscle strain, treat walking in sneakers as a workout:

  1. Move at least half an hour a day, paying attention to warming up and stretching after training;
  2. Try to choose for exploring the area with small slides, to further work the glutes, try to use the stairs in small strips to increase workout intensity;
  3. do Not slow down, use to maintain it cheerful music, but to talk with a friend while walking is not necessary – ideally, you just can not maintain a casual conversation, if your body really is burn fat.

Running Shoes for weight loss: workout room

There are special sneakers that are going to increase the load in the process of performing regular strength exercise. Human physiology is such that he can get used to a certain plan of power training in just 2-3 months. That's why people are long-term and in the system of training, sometimes complain for no result. Especially suffer in this respect losing weight, because for weight loss and fat burning is necessary to constantly "shake" your metabolism.

Weight loss Sneakers help during lunges, squats, pulls and lifts use the advanced abdominal muscles, body, waist. Yes and target muscular groups work from a slightly different angle, which allows them to work better, and cause useful stress faster. However, training in such shoes for beginners can be really dangerous. If you do not have a proven technique of performing basic exercises, perhaps the training will be more traumatic than the usual work with dumbbells and simulators. In addition, not all instructors are ready to competently make a training program for "special footwear", and in the end you can not get expected benefit.

This is the option to purchase, if you have worked in the gym for at least six months, you have the concept on how to execute a classic strength exercises, and periodically raise workers weight. But even in this case, the training in the new sneakers should start with light weights, and strictly follow the instructions of the Shoe manufacturer regarding the frequency and exercises performed.

Slimming Sneakers: massage effect

Recently appeared in the sale of massage shoes for weight loss or the so-called zdravkov. This is a "hybrid" of regular sneakers for weight loss while walking and massage insoles. These shoes are easily distinguished by a special "curved" profile. In the mid-foot of this Shoe a kind of "hump", which makes additional muscles to contract while walking. And they improve blood circulation in the feet

Foot Massage, according to supporters of alternative medicine, able to normalize metabolism and appetite. This idea was creatively reworked by the authors of shoes. However, the acceleration of metabolic processes in itself has not saved anyone from excess weight, especially serious. This effect should be used in a set of other measures. For example, the reduction of caloric intake plus increasing physical activity, plus improvement of metabolism from massage. However, people with classical views on the therapy of excess weight prefer to think that lose weight "carriers zdravkovi" still, due to walking and not due to the accelerated metabolism.

So, whether to buy running shoes for weight loss? It is clear that if you limit nutrition and increase activity, weight will decrease, even if you walk in your favorite sneakers. How much will sneakers speed up the process? Different manufacturers publish figures from 11 to 30%. But most of the success, as always, depends on you – the more serious you tune in to success, the more regular you will train, the faster it will come result.

Fitness trainer Elena Selivanova – especially for http://www.AzbukaDiet.ru/.

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