What are the most useful protein bars: review 6 versions

More and more often people refuse fast food, sugar, soda and make their daily menu taking into account the principles of proper nutrition and norms of KBZHU. It is not surprising that many stop eating on the run and choose the right snacks. It can be fruit or nuts.

But another group such "make-up" - protein bars. However, not all manufacturers make a really high-quality product without sugar and harmful additives. Today on sale you can find versions of everyday protein, booty uti, chica, bombabar, snacks from schwarz (Schwartz), effort, daribar. But what kind of protein bars deserve to be in the ranking of the best?

PowerBar Natural Protein Bar

Among the popular options is worth noting protein bars PowerBar Natural Protein Bar. What is attractive about this snack? Product is different:

  • natural composition, which does not contain dyes, artificial flavors, preservatives and other chemistry;
  • benefit to the organism at the expense of well-written recipe.
  • lack of sugar in the composition of the and products animal origin, that allows include this option in its menu vegetarians;
  • the presence of many different flavors.

PowerBar Natural Protein Bar

One of the features of PowerBar Natural Protein Bar is the composition in which 1/3 is represented by easily digestible and high quality soy protein. Thanks to such an ingredient combination, the delicacy allows not only to eat for the benefit of the body, but also to gain muscle mass, increase endurance during training and get rid of excess fat.

Also suitable for active loads products ironman (Ironman), energon. They are eaten when you need to replenish calories. But vegan snacks were produced under the brand "Siberian health".

Quest Protein Bar

It's Hard to imagine the top 6 most delicious and healthy protein bars without the quest bar option. This sweetness, which is suitable for diet, is available with 15 different flavors. These are versions with mocha, mint, vanilla, etc. the Brand is well established among athletes and people who watch the figure and try to lose weight.

Quest Protein Bar

Part of the quest bar isn't standard candy bars like Snickers or martian. It is balanced and includes magnesium, phosphorus, iron, various vitamins, including E. But especially such Goodies are valuable for a large amount of protein. Delicacy without sugar, which is replaced by plant extracts, dulls the appetite, but contributes to the growth of muscle mass and its maintenance.


The rating of 2019, be sure to include the sweetness of the champ. It is possible to eat when losing weight, after a run or before a workout. Composition of Champ bars it is made so competently that they replace a full meal.

Champ protein bars

Each pack contains about 17% protein. Also it has:

  • berries;
  • soy and milk protein;
  • coconut shavings;
  • hydrolyzed collagen;
  • coenzyme Q10;
  • ekstrudirovannyj rice and food (oatmeal) fiber;
  • extract stevia.

But sugar in the pure there is no. Bars are 5 options: nuts, bananas, caramel, strawberries and chocolate cherries.


High quality differ bars xbar from Vasco. The product has an excellent BZHU and useful composition. Thanks to natural ingredients, the sweetness of Vasco can be eaten before and after sports. The delicacy increases endurance and promotes rapid recovery after large loads'.

Vasco protein bars

Another feature of the low-carb version is the absence of lactose and fat in the composition. Therefore, it can be selected during drying. Calories in it, too, a little, that allows you to eat X bar before bedtime. Everything else, the snack is inexpensive.


Athletes and fans of PP are familiar bars bombbar. They are often incorrectly called boom bar, bomber or bombarru. In the line manufacturer of over 20 flavors. Among them are many fruit and chocolate options. The technology of their preparation is designed for high protein content.

Bombbar protein bars

How Much protein is in it? About 40%. But in the composition of the there is no GMO, sugar and gluten. Bombar bars offer the usual classic sweets and a line of BOM bar Slim. The second option is available with the content of L-carnitine, which allows you to use it when gaining weight and weight loss. Still bombar:

  • normalizes metabolic processes;
  • strengthens the immune system and health;
  • increases endurance.

Calorie and carbohydrate content in bombar are low. They are suitable for the mad drying project. But this does not mean that they need to eat at night or every day.

In composition very similar on this version of bars hazelnut pump, zero cube power pro and atlecs, where, too, there is no the sahara.

Extensively As A Fat Burner Low Carb

Many athletes try to make products extensively as a fat burner. Snack is represented by several flavors, but they all differ in quality and useful composition without chemistry. How it works? The snack does not contain sugar, but it has fiber, which has a beneficial effect on appetite control and the digestive system.

Protein bars extensively as a fat burner Low Carb

Cheap product quickly quenches hunger and fits well with weight loss. But is it worth it to give children or to eat pregnant? It is an open question. Everyone decides for himself how necessary it is.

Cheap protein bars

What can we say about the budget version of leovit or vitalad (the latter give a lot of calories, as made on fructose), which are sold in the shops "Perekrestok", "Vkusvill" and other supermarkets? Or about the product from herbalife (Herbalife)? Among them you can hardly find vegan or just useful protein bars.

Budget protein barsphoto Source: shutterstock.com

Usually the composition of such products includes sugar and a lot of preservatives, which makes them very long shelf life. Production of such treats is not aimed at PP, and on the enrichment of the store. Eat them to those who are breastfeeding or diet, just not worth it. It is better to make a useful bar at home with your own hands. What can they be made of? This is suitable for simple, but quality product. At home, you can use cereals, nuts, berries, fruits, etc. by product type bite or taste me.

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Best protein bars

A Review of worthy options is presented in the video. Comparison when choosing a snack is not always appropriate. But from the video you can find out whether the popular favorites are worthy to be in your diet. This applies to the common sweets power system, combat, bodybar (bodybar), smartbar (smart), bona bar (bona bar), weider 52% and others:

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