What are the 7 types of fish should never include in the diet

Food should bring us benefits, but sometimes the opposite is true. There are many products that were considered useful, but in fact deserve to be on the black list.

We have compiled a list of 7 species of fish that are best not to eat if you care about your health!

1. Tilapia

Useful fatty acids in tilapia is not enough, but the number of "bad" cholesterol it is easy to compete even with pork fat. Regular use of this fish may cause obesity and cardiovascular problems.

2. Mackerel

There Is an opinion that mackerel grown in the wild is very useful for health. However, this statement can be argued. The fact is that in the tissues of this fish accumulates a lot of mercury, which causes pathology of the human nervous system. For this reason, wild mackerel is not recommended for children and women (especially during pregnancy). And men can eat it no more one serving a month.

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3. Imported catfish

In fish farms catfish are often fed hormones, as they can grow to an impressive size. Particularly notable in this regard is the fish that comes from Asia.

4. Ruleta

This fish is often called "white tuna". It is very tasty, but its excessive use can provoke uncontrolled diarrhea. The fact is that the rouvet contains a wax ether, which is not digested by our stomach. This substance gives the fish an oily taste, but it causes problems with the digestive system.

5. Eel

Due To the large amount of fat mass, eels easily absorb the agricultural and industrial waste present in the water. Therefore, adults per month is recommended to eat no more than 300 grams of eel, and children - no more than 200 grams.

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6. Atlantic bighead

This fish may be up to 90 years old, but its number is limited due to poaching. The population of the big head has not recovered from its peak of popularity 20-30 years ago. Therefore, the purchase of this type of fish should be abandoned at least in order to protect nature. And taking into account the age of the caught fish, it can be assumed how many toxic substances are accumulated in them.

7. Tuna

Tuna, especially blue, there is a lot of mercury. In addition, tuna that grew up in the wild, almost there, as it is on the verge of extinction. A fish that comes from farms, fed hormones and antibiotics.

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About the benefits of fish-we were taught since childhood. However, some of its species should be included in the diet as little as possible or abandon them at all!

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